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Cruse Loops?


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unknown member asked this question back in September of 2004:


I see pics of cruse loops being used through and under car, just wondered if those were special straps or just like a tow strap.



danielswt said:

you defiantly need to be trained by the pros before trying to try it out for yourself.but the loop is a" 4'' x 30' 1 ply strap used for recovery on mostly unibody cars." i have other brand belts just like it that i would use in the same fashion if i had too. and i t would work just the same. by the way i am a WM 2/3.

" Don't tell us how good you are, show us! "
jerrys garage said:
Cruise loop recovery requires some training to do correctly or else you can damage more than you ever thought was possible.

I would suggest attending at least a WreckMaster 2/3 class.

Jason replied:
I have no intentions of trying it out just curious.
Unknown Screen Name said:
Dang Jerry must be getting late! lol I would also suggest a class. We can tell you how and why but untill you see it for yourself it isn't enough. If you're not part of the solution, start another problem!
Mike C

Jason Replied:
Thanks guys like I said I have no itentions of trying it yet. I do plan on classes but was wondering basics of cruse loop use. So I have to say thanks for your input, have a safe wknd.
Scooby said:
Do the instructors for wreckmaster have instructor mail-practice liability insurance???
In Memory of JACKSTOWING who said:
You asked "What's a Cruse loop?"



I doubt you'd find any instructors (in our industry) with insurance.
Added to reply:
Thanks Jack, I have not been to successful on getting a answer, I took it for granted that they didn't. That's probably something they should have, I had to have it to teach, never had to use it though.
auto rescue said:
Some times you want to save your straps
John R.
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