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Baggin with another 411 member  

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Recreated from a Topic made in Jan. 2007:

Got a call from Eric Benson (same name on 411) from A&B Towing for our Air Cushions saturday morning. He had a loaded reefer on its side in the Tualitin Oregon area.

This is what I arrived to see. Eric is the guy on the trailer getting ready to peak at the load through the side door. Eric could see a partial load in the nose and a substantial amount of freight toward the rear but not all the way back to the doors. The load also stayed near the floor.


Eric is a pretty sharp guy, he dug a hole for a starter bag before we arrived, man I really like him.


Here we are with the rig on its way up. The driver went to the hospital and the weight wasnt known until we heard from the shipper that it was only 18,000 pounds and concentrated near the trailer tandems so we only set three large cushions. And thats Eric up top rigging straps now.


After waiting approximately an hour for county road crews to set up traffic control we got serious about righting the rig. A supervisor from the trucking company arrived just about the time this picture was taken and was thrilled at the minmal damage to his 3 month old equipment.


Dad snapped more photos while we put the bags away and Eric and his crew finshed the recovery.


Almost there.


Equipment used was a Peterbilt with Challenger CH30, a Ford with Century 4024 and our Air cushions. Our crew was JC,Richard, Jim and I. A&B was Eric, Woody and a newer man I dont know.
pttowguy tubegreen.gif said:
Nice teamwork Gale & crews.
EricGodard CA tubeyellow.gif said:
Great to see how good of shape that trailer is in after the roll over and then the up right. Some times a fully loaded trailer is easier to work with than a partial load simply because you have more to lift on. either way you guys made this one look real simple!!

Great work , thanks for posting it.
BigWheelRecovery tubeplatinum.gif said:
Nice way to make a pay day great work love those air bag.
bberry52 tubegold.gif said:
Looks good Eric were did learn learn that stuff.
Gale25yrs said:
Bob, I have been to one of your classes put on by WTTA at Gene's in Tacoma many years ago but Jerry Bullock and Marty Openlander get the credit for my Air Cushion startup.
bberry52 tubegold.gif said:
Nobody better than those two.
Scooby said:
I sure like the title of this post gale...lol
Michael212 tubegreen.gif said:
Gayle I'm sure you did most of the work! I guess things have been busy in that area lately.

Nice Job as Always
Gale25yrs said:
Howie if you like that title you would have loved my first thought that I decided was not appropriate. You see Friday I went to a bar with friends and was out till three a.m.

My title was going to be "At the bar till 3am and woke up with a bag job"
Scooby said:
yeah I could see what u mean there.


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