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PA State Troopers Killed in the Line of Duty "Updated 06.22.22"

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More Law Enforcement Officers are now being struck and killed in the line of duty. These officers are in situations where a tow truck is on scene or has been called to the scene. Tow Truck Operators have faced this danger for years and many blame it on the amber lights. I hear how Red and/or Blue would be better. Well, now the number of Police Vehicles with the Reds and Blues are being struck at a higher rate than Tow Trucks. If we are unable to Wake Up the distracted motorist any other way, then enforcement must increase Dramatically and Fast before more lives are lost. We as an industry must request law enforce begin the increase the enforcement of these laws. NO at this point we must demand it for the lives of not only Tow Truck Operators but the Lives of the Officers themselves. Why are they not as concerned about the tragic loss of lifes as we are. They bury members of their profession just as we bury members of our. We Scream and Shout, they often mourn in silence. It's [past time to be heard, it's time for action. Any Suggestions? 

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This situation is an extreme example of the "Irony Of Life"... These two Troopers stopped a suspected DUI driver on I-95. While communicating with the operator, they received a priority call for a Pedestrian walking on the road. They informed the woman they stopped that it was her lucky day and left for the other call. While dealing with the Pedestrian walking, this same woman struck them on the highway and killed all three of them! The 21 year old woman tested .19, obviously very drunk... A real shame. I saw yesterday that they found a post on her FB page from 3 weeks ago that she was the worlds greatest drunk driver? 

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It could have been a Tow Truck Operator: Murder Charge Dismissed in Crash that Killed Three!


DA Refiles Murder Charge for I-95 DUI Crash Suspect After Judge Dismisses It.


Shortly after the dismissal, the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office announced they refiled the third-degree murder charge against 22-year-old Jayana Webb.


Follow this Updated Link for the latest on this Court Hearing for Woman Charged With Striking, Killing 2 Troopers, Man on I-95


Resource Link "News Video will be added to this topic when avaialable".




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How horrific!

I am just beyond myself in knowing the right way to handle roadside situations. You never know when you leave if you are coming home. You can do everything you have learned, been taught, and what ever the "book" says about doing it as safely as possible. As we all know it isn't up to us, it is up to whoever else is just around the corner driving into our work space, and it just takes an instant of distraction for it to be over with. It doesn't make me not want to go to work, but it is always there in the back of my mind. Every time I leave on a call my wife tells me to be careful and I have to promise that I will be careful, I do say just that! I pray that who ever else is out there will also be careful as well!!


These things happen way to often and too many lives have been lost, and Ron I am at my wits end in knowing what else we have to do keep it from happening anymore!

I specifically joined this website with this purpose to somehow help in keeping operators from being slaughtered on the highways..... Yet it still happens with way too much frequency, that it happens at all is too much! We somehow have to keep from adding names to the wall!! 

George - - Moore's BP
We'll see you on down the road

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