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This topic was started back in April of 2004 by a now unknown member.


Tell me this. I am just wondering and do not mean to offend anyone.


I have been in the wrecker industry for about 24 years. Now I know if I have some good drivers that need recovery training then should I send them to WreckMaster?


But for someone like myself is there really anything that they can teach me that I have not learned in the ditch or on the side of the road?


Now we all know that no matter how much training you have sometimes you have to improvise. So is WreckMaster here just to make money or is it a valuable service for the industry.?


Like I said, I am just asking. I do have a couple of great drivers that need some recovery training. So, before I spend the money I just wanted some feedback.
Thanks in advance.


Kevin aka Polock said:

Here is my point of view. First I just started in the heavy tow and recovery. I have been involved in the light medium towing
since 1989.

I have always wanted to get into heavy and when the personal and the chance came I took it.

I sent my guy to W/M week long. I could not believe the confidence level I saw in him after the course.

What was important to me was to do the work with the highest quality of safety and understand WHY he was doing what he was doing.
I went a year later.. what did I learn,was how to do the work easier. Hell I'm 52 yrs old and enjoy being a kid. I like to get out there a work with my guys. I do not want to be left behind in the knowledge.

I think the best way to answer your question is .. go to the week long yourself. Go with and opened mind enjoy the W/M Team (they are a great bunch of folks) meet new people who want the same for themselves. I think if you do those things you will get your answers. Or take a chance and send your people and then play catch up.

Yes, it a great deal of money to spend, but personally it was worth every penny. The one thing now is I wish I had taken the class years earlier.

I'M a believer in the WreckMaster ... and all those before me are too.

Kevin S Cieciorka aka Polock
W/M 030138 .. and dam proud of it !!!!


Clay said:

Yes it is worth the money. Even sitting in on classes after I did my hands on I learned something. Remember they do the research, like the years they worked with the load cell. From that the resistance formulas that were set in stone were redone. Go yourself and see.....


TowmasterB said:

I will also add this. No matter how long someone has been doing something, They will NOT know everything there is to know about it. By going to WreckMaster, or any other training you will learn new procedures for doing a job that you probably have been doing for years. These new procedures could make you more efficient. By using straps instead of chains, you could virtually eliminate damage claims. And also save your body from wear and tear. Straps weigh less than chains and are easier to carry through some rough terrain. When I went to the WreckMaster 2/3 class last August, there was an operator asking the same thing. At the end of the class he said he was glad he decided to come because he learned a lot of basic info most towers do not know, even though he had been towing for several years. You do not know what you are missing out on unless you step forward and attend some training. Trust me, it's worth it!


unknown member said:

Lets start off by saying that I am a level 6/7a Wreckmaster first and foremost. I'm also one of the TOP 10 Wreckmasters of 2003. I also level 2 TRAA, i've also had training from Wes Wilborn,Tom Luciano,Mark Anderson....
I quess what wat I'm trying to say is you can never have too much training in this industry
I've been in it for over 10yrs and the man that trained me first is a level 6/7ahl wreckmaster with 35yrs .
even with his experience from the beginning and 9yrs under my belt before going to the weeklong, I know it was worth EVERY penny that I spent. YES I paid for All my own training,not any employer And I would do it over again!


Jerrys garage said:

Mike, I attend the week long WreckMaster course and it was the best week of my life. Would I do it again YES. I do think that a 2/3 class is going to be held in Chattanooga during the Tow Show that TTRP is holding. I have been in this business for 35 years and learned a lot at the week long. It is a combanition of Books and field work.

I am like the rest of these guys proud to say I am a WreckMaster 6/7. and I had the pleasure of working with the ONLY Polock from Sanford NC.



Heffy004 said:


There is not much more that I can add to this, BUT........

I took a level 2/3 class, with over 30 years in the recovery industry ( Mostly self-tought ). And, I have been noted to do things in a unique, but safe, fashion.

This course did many things for me:

#1.--It did verify that my way of doing things was the right way, most of the time.

#2.--It showed me the easier way to perform tasks, especially with the use of proper straps, loops & easier rigging.

#3.--The comaraderie & concerns, that we all have in this industry.

Yes, My son & myself took this course. I sent him and another driver to the spring week-long the following year.

This 2/3 corse was taught by Donnie Cruse......What a fabulous person he was. And, what friends that we became.

Oh, ya......I was the Student of The Class, that time.

And, yes, I am ONE of THE TOP TEN for 2001.......

I took my 4/5 level at the Florida Show in 2000......

But, then went to the week-long in Fayetteville in 2002.

The WreckMaster courses, verified my training techniques, in house, to my new drivers.....AND, they always looked forward to attending any classes that they could, striving for their WreckMaster Certifications.

Every driver/operator of mine........

Has the knowledge, training, experience and confidence to complete any job function, or know the requirements needed to perform any unique recovery operation by our company.

Catch ya later & C'ya


One of the few & the proud.


Ron Pullen said:

Just to add to all the rest of the post. I think that WreckMaster will refund your money if you take a class and you do (not) feel that you learned from the training that was being taught.
I do not think anybody has ever asked for there money back.
And as stated in all the rest of the post is does not matter new to the business or 30 years we all can still learn new ways of making our job easier.
Ron Pullen WM971211 Top 10 WreckMaster 1998 and proud to be part of the family.


unknown member said:

Ok....Thanks to all of you for your feed back. I am going to try to put togather enough people to get a class here in memphis. I talked to wreckmaster at the Florida tow show and I just wanted to find out what others thought about it. I am sold so again Thanks to all of you for your help and comments. If there are this many that belive in the program then thats good enough for me. Thank you all.

Keep one eye on the traffic.


Towinguy said:

I personally think that regardless how much experience you have, you'll still learn atleast two things in a WreckMaster class.

You'll learn the limits of your equipment, and yourself. And you'll also learn that the other people in your class are some of the best people you'll ever meet. Gregg WM010022


KY NICK said:

I am 26 years old. I grew up in this industry with my dad, and after getting my Bachelors degree I started full time for him along with other family members. We are louisville's oldest wrecker service. I was traa level 1 on my 18th birthday, and followed by level 2. I am secretary of T.R.A.K., and serve as the director for Ky at T.R.A.A. I had always wondered about Wreckmaster seeing them at tow shows etc. hearing stories pro and con. At the Ohio Tow show "03 I won a table of driving awards (for the 2nd year in a row) Justin Cruse walked up to me congratulated me and told me that I needed to come down to N.C. for a weeklong. November starts to be a busy time for us and it just didn't work out. Finally in Jan. of 2004 I get a call it is Justin and he says we have a week long in March. Well after some figuring I made it happen.
That was the best week I think I have ever spent away from Louisville. Now I considered myself good operator, and able to solve situations etc. etc. When I left N.C. I had so much information when I got home I went back and looked over the material again.
The instructors, the food, the people, the other towers, it was really nice to be there. I will probably go back next year just for fun.
So to answer your question you WILL learn something, you WILL NOT waste your money or time, and you WILL meet people from all over the country, which is priceless.
Go to the weeklong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Louisville, KY
Level 6-7 A


Kevin aka Polock said:

Nick good to see your post .......



lstyba said:

I have been in the Wrecker Industry for 14 years. I believe that any training even if it turns out to be a refresher is a good thing. I found that I knew most of what WreckMaster teaches in the first class 2/3 level. What i learned from the first one was some simple saftey items which i did not realize i was doing that put me in danger of not coming home to the ones i locve at the end of the day. Money well spent even tho it was a refresher.

WreckMaster like any other company must try to make a profit, but they are a great information source which can be only for the good of our industry.

I was a driver for 11 years i became a Operator after I attended my first WreckMaster Class.Cya In the Ditch

Larry Styba - WM# 011088 - 6/7 AC


Curt Sharp said:

I can not add much to this. Obviously the pride of my fellow WreckMasters speaks loudly. I have taken many WM classes...with different instructors, althought WreckMaster follows a consistant plan to teach students, ever class is different. Student activity, the types of vehicles being used, the questions being asked, etc. all add to different way of looking at things.

Proud to be a WreckMaster!
Curt A Sharp
Merl's Towing
Grand Rapids, MI
HansonMA said:
Not to beat a dead horse but it IS well worth the money.And a great thing also is you can always sit in on a class equal to your level for free. Kevin
ACE_Tow411 said:
I will add my 2 cents worth here, we just hosted a 2/3 class here in Guelph Ontario, yesterday was a cold wet day, we had 30 students (all first timers) it was a pleasure to see everyone particapte with enthusiam even if the weather was crappy, today was better. Every one left tonight with a lot more tools in their tool box & very happy to have attended. Pretty much the whole class asked if we would host a 4/5 in the fall ..... well it looks like we'll host another one ...... that should tell you something......Ken

Buehler Automotive
Tommy Webster said:
I've been in this industry for over 30 years,and I still don't know everything....so if you don't think that you can learn anything more...get out of this industry before you get yourself or someone else hurt or killed
Wreckmaster is the best training avalible out there for anyone regardless if you just starting out or been in it for 30 or 40 years. The training is well worth the price,anything that make your job easier and safer is worth it no matter the cost

WreckMaster trained and certified level 6/7abhl
ID # 93663
TRAA level 3
Wreckmaster Top 10 of 1994
2003 Donnie Award for HD recovery
Also only one to receive the Golden Award for Recovery from WreckMaster
santiam01 said:
I have had the opportunity to sit through many WM classes taught by many different instructors. One thing all the classes had in common was the people who had been in the industry the longest got the most from the class. Always be prepared to learn a new way of approaching an opportunity to solve a problem.
North County Recovery & Towing said:
To put a completely different turn on this post I'd like to add my 2 cents.

I am the wife of a WM 6/7, my husband and I started our Towing Co 20yrs ago and have operated with the help of many trainers. However, I can honestly say that I have never seen the honest Integrity, Confidence, and Comraderie he came home with from Wreckmasters. I have sent 4 of my senior drivers to the training as well, and hopefully in the near future will be able to host a class here on the West Coast. (Hint Hint)

I am not certified myself but will, and have, actively encouraged anyone to attend. There is NO such thing as knowing it all, or TOO much training. Auto manufacturers are not in the business of making cars easier to tow....people do not crash with the intention of "how you are going to get it out", and it is not to be left to luck.

You really should check it out, do your homework as I always say.Karen from Cali.

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