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Info on the w70


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In 2006 A Member was seeking info on the W70. Drhook541 posted these images,






Anaron said:

I got a big picture of that one hanging on my wall. Donnie called me one day and said he was going to let me in on a little project, send him a $1000. I did as did many others and Doc's pictures is the end result. Donnie spent a lot of money on the reconstruction of this great truck. If I remember correctly they were like only 2 or 3 of these units made? Ron Burnes


Hpgtowing said:

Hey whats the chances of buying that?....LOL


Scooby said:

If I remember correctly, in a conversation with Terry humelsine There where four of them produced. The whereabouts of the other three are shrouded in mystery. That unit is the last of the four that where made.

If I remember correctly, that unit was auctioned off by the military at the Aberdeen proving grounds in Maryland. It was purchased by Fullerton Towing, and refurbished at the time of purchase. Fullerton had just received the towing contract from whit marsh road to the Del state line. They needed this big monster for hd towing/recovery. I do not know when it left Fullerton, and where it went from there. But it has ended up as DADS after all these years

Truly a fine example of good old American engineering. The ability to produce things that will last the test of time, and for generations to admire. I apologize if I am off a bit, but to the best of my memory, that's the story.
Gale25yrs said:
I saw it at it's debut in Ohio. It is an amazing machine. Power up and own on the booms as well as power swing on the booms.


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