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First tow magazine?


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HansonMA created this topic back on April 11, 2006:

This mag was published in Framingham,Ma. these are 1976 editions.They were going to be thrown out by the guy I worked for in 1983.I decided to hold on to them.


towlineA.jpg towlineB.md.jpg


Kim02 said:

I still have a few of those. I think there was one before that called the Phantom or something like that. Seems like it was from somewhere northeast.


Ed Barker said:

If either of you would be interested in selling any of those I would be very interested in buying them for my collection.



hansonMA said:

Yes Kim, the Phantom,by Joe Gibney,a Boston(now Fla)retired tower.Moose posted about Joe shutting down his publication in another room here.I also have another called the RoadRunner.Does anyone know if these are in the mueum?


ibflat2 said:

Road runner is in the museum, I have a bunch of them also, course they were mainly on the west coast. It seems that lots of regional magazines were published for a while and then we got the big 3 magazines..


anonnymoose said:

Kevin's right, In Da beginning it was called the STA Station Phantom, which was the newsletter for the Mass Towing Assn. (Statewide Towing Assn) Back in 1977.

In May ,1980 Joe who kept the name Phantom was printing it as an individual publication. It was first displayed at da tow show in New Hampshire dat year.

Da Phantom has been around for 26 years and I think it should be displayed in Da Museum along with Da Road Runner Dat was outta Renton Washington for a couple years.


joefromjd said:

Neat to see those old publications, its hard to imagine what it would be like to have to use the equipment displayed in them today. and they call that progress.


netowman said:

That salvage yard belonged to the hood family until a few years back it was sold to coparts inc.


craneman said:

Hey its good to see the Hood name being published for a good reason, even if it was a few years back.


Michael212 said:

I believe The Roadrunner Towing News was first though. I wish I had saved all of our issues. Melvin Readinour was way ahead of everyone!!! and ahead of the industry.



bts3 said:

Nice, I'd like to see them in person, could you bring them to the MA tow show later this year???


Da Wash Boss said:

Hood Enterprises,,,, owned by Billy Hood. Anyone remember the cab over freightliner he had with a weld built wrecker on it. That was a sharp unit, anyone know whatever happen to that truck????? Hood towing the motto was "WE NEVER SLEEP" . and of course Billy Hood was into car racing along the east coast and had 2 race cars named BIG BUCKS and MORE BUCKS,,, wow that can be said about some wreckers out here today big bucks and more bucks.

Danny Cassello - TRPC - East Hartford, CT


rotator60 said:

No truer words have ever been spoken Danny.
Scott Hedgcoth



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