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Out With The Old...In With The New... UPDATE


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Had a customer come in that apparently wanted my Dump Truck more then I did so it moved to a new home...




We just bought it's replacement which is very similar...





Pretty much same truck but very low miles and a Duramax Diesel. We started a full refurbish that should be done in the next month or so...




This was owned by a local municipality that we do a lot of work for. The truck was part of their "Parks & Recreation" department so it never was used in the winter or plowing and typically only carried bagged garbage. She looks a little torn & tattered but will be like a new penny in a few weeks.

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We have been working on & off on my dump truck trying to get it done as the shops have time.




New Inner & Outer rocker panels. They weren't terrible but it looks real nice & untouched now. My guys do these type of Chevy repairs at least once a month...




Media Blasted the chassis, suspension & body so we can see the true picture. Then fixed any rust issues prior to resurfacing it gloss black...






New cab mounts & body bushings. Repaired a frame crossmember that had a little rust issue and Some new tail light boxes...





Got a stack of new tires & Aluminum wheels to go on it. We also went through the emissions & fuel systems to correct any common or future problems with the Duramax.  The project is moving right along... 

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12 minutes ago, Beautiful BC said:



When you said refurbishing it, my mind thought changing the fluids, wash and wax, and a seat cover...not this.

Thanks! We have a reputation of doing the job complete & right...and everything we build gets done to the best of our abilities or I'm not interested in doing it. The last dump we built I bought for like $200 and sold for $25,000 but probably had near $20,000 in to it. But we also used & billed it out for a year of service...plus plowed our properties with it so I'm good.


I had to come off of the job for a little bit because the shops are jamming and there were some priority jobs that needed to get done. This is a Tractor/Quick Swap project we are working on for a good friend...







We converted a big bunk to a day cab & refurbished the chassis. Now it goes back to them to have the powertrain reinstalled and will return for it's final paint job.

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1 hour ago, Beautiful BC said:



When you said refurbishing it, my mind thought changing the fluids, wash and wax, and a seat cover...not this.

If you don't have time to do it right the first time, when are you going to have time to do it over?

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George - - Moore's BP
We'll see you on down the road

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We are a small business, in a small town, mostly older equipment, scratched, dented, and rusty. Added a new F550 last year, but all the big stuff is old. Mechanically we keep it all well maintained, but won't win any beauty awards. I would be happy if everything was just one color lol.

Jokingly, have said that someday I am going to buy a few case of black paint in rattle cans, and just start spraying, so at least they are all the same color.  😂

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  • 4 weeks later...

The "Project" is back in production again. The mechanic shop got the fuel system & driveline all completed. New pumps, lines, u-joints, went through the differentials, trans service & cooler lines...and all new front suspension/steering components.





Back to the body shop where he welded up the mirror holes since we are putting newer "Sail" type mirrors instead of the west coast style. The sheet metal will be complete this week and hopefully in paint by Monday/Tuesday...




We have a lot of work to be done on the properties so I really need it done now!

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A few more updates...




Body all back together & sorted...




Guys finished the engine modifications & got it running after all the fenders were reinstalled...





It's white again....





We used a Ford White so hopefully it will be a tougher truck.... 🙂 



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Well it's just about done....All it needs is the wrap, emergency lighting a few tid-bits to be added to round it out....





All new Halo LED lighting in the rear and new OEM lighting up front.




She got ran for the 1st time today to see the fruits of our labors...it goes like a scared cat!



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