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Did you check your mail today?

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Received a call from Murphy's Towing and Recovery to respond to the scenic highway in Bourne for a US Postal delivery truck that rolled over the guardrail, landing down a 20' drop.
We responded with our 60 ton rotator to reach over the guardrail and flip over the overturned truck and lift it straight up without puncturing any brake lines or the fuel tanks, preventing an environmental clean up.




















kw5030 said:
I got my mail today......Nice job
mooresbp said:
Neither rain snow sleet or even over a guard rail can stop the US Mail (with an assist for Big Wheels) Good job Guys!!GeorgeMoore's BP
We'll see you on down the road
George - Moore's BP
Big Wheel Eric said:
HATS OFF TO MURPHYS for calling me to help him that is what it is all about so you dont block a very dangerous road qand there were no more accidents the tater is the right tool for the job and we take good care of them for calling us we have a very good working relationship with alot of tow companys in the area it works out very well for all of us , the name of the game is all work together ,,, THANKS ERIC ,,
jrtowman said:
Beer can in the woods I repeat Beer can in the woods
Kyle Hodges - AGE 14 Years Old I KNOW I'M YOUNG
KYD9055 said:
Surprised to see they didn't have another mail truck out there to offload the mail. I have worked a couple wrecks that
involved mail trucks and they wouldn't even let me touch them until the post master showed up. Nice use of a tator.
Big Wheel Eric said:
They tried to off load it there but the state police told them no way murphy's brought it to the post office and they off loaded the mail and they took it back to there shop the post office called us today and said bill us i said no way because you know we would be chasing our money i told them when we buy stamps you dont bill us same go,s for the recovery bill pay us youy get your truck like everyone else .., guess what they will be there Monday with a check // I KNOW THEY HAVE THE MONEY ,, THANKS ERIC
EricGodard CA said:
I agree 100%. To many times you find out the hard way that the ones with the money are the hardest ones the collect from.

Very nice work and pictures!!
Ed Barker said:
I agree they need to pay up like everyone else,the only problem that I see is after that bill the postage stamps will probably get raised???????,,,,,L.O.L.
toman208 said:
is that what you call "air mail".
xcessiveforce52 said:
very good looking job,tater and pics are awesome. tks.
towing4u said:
everybody pays unless they have an open account....hats off to them for knowing what to do and who to call.
Phillips Towing 202 said:
Very nice job!!!!
TOwBoY88 said:
Big Wheel boys making it look easy again...

Glad you guys do have a working relationship with other co's. I find it irratating that some with just a 1-ton wrecker will go and try to pull out that 80,000 lb. loaded tractor-trailer burried in the mud instead of calling someone with the right equipment to handle the job safely.."60% of the time, I am right every time."
mooresbp said:
Was there a reason you just didn't set it down on the flatbed that is sitting there?
George- Moore's BP - We'll see you on down the road
BigWheelRecovery said:
George we were dealing with bumper to bumper traffic so for saftey sake we pull the truck behind the tater,drove the tater away an the ramp backed up.Besides I didn't want to swing the mail truck over the tater cab I was working with Murphy. thanks BOB
Mr Waialae Chevron said:
Nice to have a sky hook to save the day.
Here's to mud in your eye.
FMS Mike said:
Love them yellow tators!! That 3rd Stage worked out well I see?
Da Wash Boss said:
Bob, nice job and yes your right. the post office are one of the worst people to get money out of. nice job thanks for sharing.
Danny Cassello - TRPC - East Hartford, CT
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