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Where did you mount your Rear View Camera?


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ResqTator Asked in September 2007:

We're having a single rear-view camera installed next week. It will be for backing up, not "tow view", so it needs to work with the underlift folded up. It seems the vendor has not done this kind of truck before ('06 1060S w/SDU3). Do any of you have any recommendations or examples of mounting locations that work well for you?
Thanks, Rich


Wreckmstr said:

For my rear facing camera, I drilled a small 1/4" hole in the top plate of the SDU3. My angled camera, I used the bolt holding the plate covering my drop leg.

I added some photos for you.





Byron Coleman said:

Mine is under the body on the pass. side works great and even helps when blindside backing into a parkin spot


Towman26 said:

We mount ours down on the bottom next to the work lights. It gives a veiw of the chains & the complete underside of the truck you are towing so that you can keep an eye on the towed vehicle. I will have to get the pics & post them later. I also found a nice camera & monitor set up that I will also get the part & manuf later
ResqTaor said:
Thanks for the help. The low camera position sounds like a great arrangement for towing. We don't plan to do much towing; mainly we want it for just backing up. You know how it is trying to find someplace you've never been in a hurry and the turning diameter is well over 100' with a 22k FA. Right now the installation is delayed due to difficulty finding a monitor to fit the available space around the dash. There are some dash pics in my gallery for now while I mess with photobucket. Camera and monitor are not mounted yet. Do you guys have a monitor mounted screen where you like it your cab? Rich
ShumanServices said:
On my MPL-40 we also mounted it under body near the work light on the left side.
Missing Images
I love this thing, it works great and you can see everything all the time if you choose to!
I don't know how we ever got along without it!

We mounted the monitor in the roof just above the rearview mirror, it gets 0 sunlight glare and is out of the way!


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My monitor is in my good times radio, flip out screen.  Comes on automatically when truck put in reverse.  Screen is already out, so there is no wait time for viewing.



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