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Rear View Video Cameras


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Tommy Bradshaw Asked in January 2009:

Need some information on rear view back up camera, planning on buying one soon . What brand ? Color or Black & White ? Where to buy ? and any pros and cons one model vs others.. Thanks for the input!!!!
Tommy Bradshaw/BATR


Kevin aka Polock said:

Tommy get one with color and sound ......
I have one from Vision, it been on the truck now for about 3 years and it finally went south. I'm looking for something new.
If you look around RV dealers and inter-net has a number of brands for sell.
A large screen is also a nice option.
I would like to go wireless next go around.
Keep us posted about what you buy.

HarpersWreckerSer said:

OBSERVIEW is the one I have and have been using for years. 7in screen(color) lcd and night vision, it has lots of options... and the main option I look for is mirror image which means you can swap the screen ...


Dew Crew Asked in Jan 2011:

I know that i have seen other towers put after market touch  radios in their units, but i was wondering if any one has added a back up camera to go along with it? i have seen a couple on ebay that are "night vision" but they are from Hong Kong (a little iffy) The radio that i have used a/v cables for the camera. Any suggestions?


LEDandSafety said:

I've been using the imported keyhole cameras for years, they work great. People look at the back of my truck and the still don't see the camera. The newest one I have just requires a hole 1" in diameter for mounting. It's been on my truck 3 years and was $50.

The Camera:

The monitor (view from top camera though):
mooresbp asked:
Does any one have any ideas to add a recorder to this for liability reasons?
LEDandSafety said:
No problem to add a DVR to the camera if desired.


Morrisandsons Asked in February 2012:


Interested in putting a video/dvr camera on the back of some of our fleet (self loaders). Can anyone recommend and/or give me some info on the good/bad and where to purchase, etc..?
Thanks, Art


ADPtow said:

I have purchased a few from a guy on eBay. Backup-cameras is his user name. One of his current item numbers is 280824043946 to look him up. He can build a package to fit your needs. He is the cheapest I have found with quality color/daytime and IR/night cameras and color flat screen monitors. You can also hook up multiple cameras or a DVD player.


gtowman said:

It said 1 was available at this price, I purchased 2 of them one for the self loader and one for the heavy, I have the same units on my Medium and flat beds, this unit is a great product, it really helps having them, it makes life just a bit...mor easier..I like the price on amazon, I had paid 350 a pop from the ebay guy, plus shipping, so 219.00 is a good price. Art, I have my guys take pics and just email them to me, then I save them to my photobucket account in my PPI album, I then tag them and place my my invoice number on them, I print two copies, one for the customer and one for my files. That DVR thing might be a bit to complicated.
someotherplace said:
Different people may have other ideas about how to use them but I have never considered the camera/DVR combo as something you would use for evidence in a PPI tow. You want to continue using a still camera for that so you know exactly what photos you got and they're readily available as separate images. The camera/DVR setup is in case of trouble - any he said/she said while your driver was on property, hooking up a car, etc. damage claims, "they moved my car to make it be in violation", things of that nature.
morrisandsons said:
Thanks, We always take digital photos and print them out for the customer, but I just wanted to put this on the truck mainly for damage claims, and last week we had a guy jump on the roof of his car while in tow just off the property. Nothing came of it (cops came and told him to get off the roof) but I couldn't help but wonder if he had tried to claim that we hit him or something? That's why I think the video camera would be a good idea. I want 1 on the pylon by the lightbar, 1 on the rear, and 1 on the dash facing forward..
Wstend said:
I thought about it when we had a large ppi account and were doin quit a few everyday , you can check on gov.deals sometimes they sell them that we're removed out of police cruisers , which stores times and dates automatically on the Video
Protower asked in 2016:
I am considering purchase for my small fleet of trucks to make things a little easier on the drivers. Please tell me what you all have and what you think about them.Thanks,
dperone said:

This is the one I have in both of my self loaders. The oldest one is coming up on 10 years old and it still works like the day I installed it.


Wreckergirl said:
i got one last night. i really did not want a big screen on my dash I'm really short and hate stuff on my dash. and my trucks dash it too small to install a 2 din touch screen radio so i ended up installing a single din radio with a motorized touch screen. i don't like that it sticks out of my dash about a inch of where its supposed to be but its the only option i had with out putting a big screen on my dash.
24hr towing & roadside Assistance.

The picture is pretty good, especially at night, it's bright enough to not need work lights to back under something.


Superior35 asked in January 2018:

We are looking for recommendations on multi camera truck mounted systems. Would like 3 to 4 cameras per truck. Besides collision playback, we could monitor operator work habits, safety, vehicle loading and equipment usage. As this is a major investment we want to avoid unreliable vendors. Any help is appreciated. 


Towme2 said:

Do not use provision. Horrible company horrible product. Heading to court with them now.


Lee Gardner,Owner
Lee's 24 Hour Towing
4430 Hillsborough Rd
Durham NC 27705

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