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4 point tie-down question

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On July 22, 2004 Santiam01 Asked:


One of the local towers-never been through WreckMaster or any formal training, was ticketed for not having a 4 point tie-down system on a car on his rollback.
He beat the ticket because the ticketing officer could not find where the specific law was in the federal handbook. They did find where a load on a flatbed is required to have a tie-down every ten feet. I can't see throwing a chain & binder over the hood of a new car so the other option would be the 4 point tie down system.
The guy who got the ticket had one chain on the rear & a chain on the front of the car, I don't know if the front chain was a secondary chain or if it actually had tension on it. The specific code number would be greatly appreciated.

We know why the 4 point system is used. this guy is telling people 4 points are not needed & he has proof. Any info would be appreciated.
Don Cerovski said:
Four point tie downs are definitely a mandatory requirement as per Part 393 Section 393.128 of the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Regulations. Did you notice the word Safety. This fella is extremely lucky to have gotten out of this ticket. My employees can get fired for not having a four point tie down and remember the winch bridle does not count.

Don Cerovski - Cero Bros. - Belgrade, Mt
autorescue said:
Here's proof that seven sets of four point tie downs work, not a scratch one on the new vehicles, the same can not be said for the tractor or the pick up truck it T boned yesterday.
Img00201860minvanroll.jpgThe 70 year old almost sightless driver pulled out of the fire station parking lot right across the semi and got hit in the drivers door.

The damned people in the town knew he could not see and only drove in the town because he knew he could not see, but let it continue anyway.

The man will not see his 71st birthday. John R.

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I had an older gentleman who was driving an early seventies Plymouth fury who was doing about a dime and a half over the limit. Lit him up, no response, hit the yelper three times no response, pulled up next to him and repeated both, nothing. Hands were on 10 and two, face forward, had a pair of those over the glasses shades on. Hit him with spotlight, no response. Pulled in front of him and slowed him down. He pulled over to shoulder. I approached the passenger window, and opened the door. He schooled me by stating, "Young man, you need to learn the proper way to stop traffic." 79 YOA.

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