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WreckMaster Certification Patches

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On March 1, 2004 Chuck in Billings, Mt asked:


Would like to know if anyone is using the certification patches as part of a uniform and if so, where are they displaying it? r chest? l chest? sleeve?


Ken Cruse said:

Thank you for your question
The WreckMaster CREST go's on the left shoulder of the coveralls. On our jacket it is placed on the left chest.

P.S. Patches cover holes


Towmaster B said:

Mine is on right chest so it can be seen while talking facing customer. Is there a standard or official position for it to be placed?


Jim said:

I will put mine on the right shoulder so they can be seen by anyone who is setting in the truck with me. I was told that they were Crests and not patches.
My question is, do you have to mail in the dollar or can you get credit until your next certification. You don't call Wire Rope C---- ( Sorry Randy ,You got ENOUGH of myMoney) and you can't call the Crests , P------.


Curt Sharp said:

On my dress uniforms I have the crests on the left shoulder and the American flag on the rightCurt A Sharp
Merl's Towing
Grand Rapids, MI
WM98916 - 6/7AL
Santiam01 said:
What if you did your Crest as a tatoo?, I don't think I will be moving it soon.
Chuck said:
It might Hurt and it would cost more then the crest......LOL

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