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AAA Raises Awareness for ‘Move Over Day’ on October 16th


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OHIO - In a multi-agency campaign to raise awareness for the Move-Over Law, Saturday, October 16th is being designated as “Move-Over Day” by Governor Mike DeWine, the Ohio Turnpike, ODOT, OSHP, and the Risk Institute.


This is to educate drivers on the law in not just Ohio, but in all the other 49 states. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, nearly one in every four drivers are unaware of their state’s Move Over Law. The same study stated that 42% of drivers who did not move over or slow down did not think they’re reckless behavior was dangerous.


“It’s not only the law, but it’s also for the safety of the men and women that are protecting us and working hard on our roadsides. So this includes: law enforcement, construction workers, tow truck drivers, anybody that’s working on our roadside doing a job; they want to get home to their families too,” Kimberly Schwind, the senior manager for public affairs at the AAA Ohio Auto Club stated.


The AAA wants to stress the significance of this day as in just Ohio alone, 5,561 crashes, 59 injuries, and 21 deaths have resulted in failure to follow Move Over Laws between 2015 and 2020.


“It’s more than just a law or the numbers that are behind it, these are people on our roadways. You know, when it comes to AAA, these are our roadside heroes that are out there every single day assisting motorists,” Schwind said.

While the law states you have to move over no matter the amount of lanes, the law understands you may not be able to move over safely. Failure to move over when able to, or not slowing down  considerably in the adjacent lane, can result in a minor misdemeanor charge and up to double the fine for first violation. 



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