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Last weeks misadventures


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We got a call for an Amazon van last week.  They told us that our wrecker would not fit up the driveway were the van was stuck and asked if we had anything smaller. 


The driver tried to turn around in the customers yard and slid all but into the truck. 


Everybody laughed when I put a winch on the front of our S10 but that is what I took up in there.   The picture doesn't show the grade real well and the ground was saturated.  I ran a line to another disabled car behind the van, then back to the van and pulled him backwards up the hill to get him straightened out, they he drove it out.  It was an easy pull even for the little S10, nice little job close to the shop.






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Interesting post for me. We have a GMC Canyon shop truck service calls stuff like that. Never really thought about putting a winch on it but here in the sticks it might be quite useful even important on some recovery jobs that would work in combination with the wrecker. 

chained up on all four corners this truck will go up some nasty driveways a lot easier than an F550 for sure. 

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The only real challenge is the weight for anchoring, they are kind of light.  The S10 has a receiver mount so we can take it on and off  

We just picked up an F350 single wheel 4wd with a enclosed utility body on it, we mounted the winch on that permanent just because it is heavier.   We are not even done with setting this truck up and I have run half a dozen winch outs and it works well.


When I think back to the winch outs I did over the past year, I believe I could have done half of them with this set up.  


Going in to this season, my biggest challenge is going to be deciding whether I take the wrecker or the service truck.  Any kind of leaning and I want two lines to control, but just straight pull out I don't need it.

A good friend will bail you out of jail, but a great friend will ...

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