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City Hall considers allowing tow companies to charge more for vehicle removal


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It could soon become a little more pricy to leave vehicles parked in private lots beyond what you paid for.


Winnipeg’s public service is recommending an increase in allowable tow fees, saying the current fees are outdated and independent tow truck drivers are losing incentive to offer their services.


There are also proposed increases for the use of flatbeds, dollies, and winches, and the amount that can be charged for storing a vehicle in impound.


Notable changes include:


  • Allowing fees up to $71.20 for removing vehicles from private property. Up from $59.00
  • Allowing fees up to $159.20 for removing vehicles weighing greater than 4,540 kg from private property. Up from $132.00
  • Allowing fees up to $14.50 for each 24-hour storage period. Up from $12.00
  • Allowing fees up to $32.60 for each 24-hour storage period for vehicles weighing greater than 4,540 kg. Up from $12.00.
  • Allowing a charge of $29.50 for the use of flatbeds, dollies and winches. Up from $25.80.

The authors of the report say they arrived at the new figures after investigating what other local providers were charging for on-demand service (such as roadside breakdowns), and in consultation with tow companies.


They add the fees were last updated in 2008.


The report points out the city does not stand to benefit financially from the fee increases, since poundkeepers charge the vehicle owners directly.


The motion will appear before the Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works on Tuesday, before heading to Executive Policy Committee and finally full Council.



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