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Stapleytowin added a couple of tows in 2007


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First one, International froze up

The first pic with the International, Those are not the cables hooked this time it is a safety chain, and was a lot looser than it looks in the pic!!


Second one just moved this truck for the truck wrecker, not sure on what happend to the front end, he bought it this way!! not excellent pictures but the batteries died in the camera.....


Thanks for looking everybody!!
Gale25yrs said:
Those jobs should have been done with a larger truck. Both those loads exceed the normal legal rear axle weight for a single drive and most states permit limits. Also unless there is a brake buddy or other attatchment for extra braking the a safe stopping distance would be next to impossible.

Now I know we all do this sort of work in a pinch when a larger truck isnt available or if in tight city quarters when it's not practical to get around in a 65 foot long combination but it shouldnt be a standard practice.
Stapleytowin said:
Gale the truck was empty, and it was no problem to stop. It ain't a race take your time. You bring you bigger truck down here and try to pay for it when it sits 2 or 3 weeks with no job!!! This unit that we have put together works excellent. We did not just wake up and start towing. we been doing it for awhile. we did these kind of jobs for years with an old Holmes 600 had no problems then and still don't with the new truck! This is how we tow. I don't put these pics on here for you's to jump all over me! just showin a days work. If you don't like it, I guess we wil never see your resume!!!
Unknown Member said:
Yeah, it's not a race to stop UNTIL a mom on a cell phone with 3 babies in her car cuts you off, and has to make a sudden stop in traffic. It's happened to all of us before.

Making a decision like that doesn't just involve you. It involves innocent people.
Gale25yrs said:
Fellas dont make it personal or an attack. I was only stating standard safe practices. I know the market dictates what and how we do business.

As far as my resume, I have towed with everything from a Holmes 440 to 850 and my 35Ton Jerr Dan.

A little old school from 1985 give or take.

Jamie Dougherty said:
Your truck is doing a fine job.... But the members on this site dont like to see things that are percieved as unsafe. The way comments are presented by the other towers might come across as cocky but the ultimate thing they are trying to say is that it is unsafe. I my self have done the same thing towing large units with my Peteerbilt 385 witha v50 but as others have said it doesn't make it right and I knew it but I still did it. Good luck and dont take things personally, we are just a groop of men trying to bust eachothers balls.
capptow said:
i would think that niether one of those trucks has front axle weight over 10k that it would be fine consider that is a 16 ton wrecker. If i had that wrecker would probably tow the same thing.
Stapleytowin said:
Hey ryan, I feel the same way about the front axle weight not being 10k, thats why we did not question doing this job. Thanks for confirming that were not crazy here in Canada

P.S I know the louisville dump truck front axle weight was not 10k, because it didn't have a front axle!!!!! LOL
GAYLOCK1 said:
I don't see a problem w/ Bryce's jobs. I think the truck should handle those tows fairly easy. He is not towin in a metro city, & should be able to stop if needed. Take your time & be careful...........Paul
Brian Bell said:
Hey he said he had safety chains and I can see a tow light cord going down the side.. at least the people behind him can tell he's trying to stop. The 1st truck looks like its pretty heavy, the 2nd?? can't really tell did you sling it??

I would think these trucks are pushing your SAFE towing cappacity..
And the snow add to the "pucker factor".. Hey at least its not a Mixer
James Shaefer said:
I question the safety chains hooked high on boom ? Just would like to here others opinion. Thanks
Gale25yrs said:
In the old days almost all the trucks safety chains were attatched to the boom. Of course back then everything was tow barred so if it failed then the rig would still be somewhat hung from the booms but up against the tail board. Now day with under reaches and chains running longer to be able to turn could cause the wrecker to turn over if the boom were up too high.
Stapleytowin said:
Hey guys I saw somebody say about the saftey chains being high, is this wrong? they are loose, this is how we always saftey chained from our holmes. I saw Gale25years post, What should we be doing if this is incorrect. Thanks for help
Gale25yrs said:
Most of the rigs now have the safety chains on the tailboard about frame height. That way if there is a catostrophic failure of the hookup the safety chains with only pull the tail around rather than turning the rig over if it trys to go too far out sideways.

Just this morning I towed a 40' long 44,000 lb fire ladder truck. I had the forks under the axle around 110" out and in order to be able to turn I had the safety chains hooked at the front of the leaf springs, about 8' of chain. If I had an underlift failure I dont think there was enough slack for the rig to get out past my side but it sure would have been a wild ride.
Stapleytowin said:
Thanks for sharing this info Gale25years, This is our first undereach, and we just saftey chainin, like we always did, I guess it was better than no saftey chain LOL
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