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Hagerty Roadside Assistance nightmare


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Anytime the guy coming to transport your second most valuable asset arrives wearing sweats and pink sneakers you're in for a bad time. I hope he was brand new because if he has any experience at all he should know that the wheel lift was tilted way to low and the boom still had a couple feet to lower.


In the end we're the ones to blame, we accept low rates from a 3rd party then don't have the money to pay a properly trained operator nor do we have the money to train them ourselves. Until the owners of these companies realize their true costs and stop this race to the bottom for motor club work this is going to be our reality. 

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I used to laugh at these types of scenarios be it watching videos or seeing them in person. I am at a point now where I am utterly disgusted by them.

The sheer level of unprofessionalism, incompetence and not to mention overall lack of just common decency towards his customer ( who was extremely calm considering how he was treated and what was happening to his car right  before his eyes ) is appalling. The only semi understandable explanation for this would be the guy was hired an hour ago, thrown the keys, told to figure it out and this was the first job he rolled up on. If he has been doing this job for awhile and STILL struggled like this then it is only a matter of time before he ends up destroying some ones car or kills someone or himself.

What makes this all worse is this was the 2nd tow company Agero contacted for this job, Which leads me to believe that the first company that Openly told their customer that the responding truck broke down ( even if true, who tells their customer that??..) more than likely would have done this job for even less of a rate. 

As far as how the time line played out with Agero/Haggarty, It sounds typical... 3-4hours of calls, texts, aggravation lies and B.s. for what ultimately turned out to be a 15-20 minute tow. (According to the end of his timeline.)


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