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What would you do "Safety Discussion 12"

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Displaying two images dispels any thoughts of Photoshop. One image possible, multiple images nearly impossible.


In Memory NationalAutow tubegreen.gifsaid:

I thought the half time show had some amazing stunts but this takes the cake.

I think I have to call BS on this. I cannot see how the front tires of the rollback are still on the ground.

Can you spell "photoshop"


rreschran said:

Phillip's right ... this isn't even worth commenting on other than the fact that any driver trying this should go to jail.


carl4tow said:

most have the front tyres glued to the road


hti tubered.gifsaid:



Builder2tubered.gif  said:

I know a place that did this with a full size school bus, yes he had trouble steering.


towing texas tubeyellow.gif said:

Wow what a wreck waiting to happen.


Sirknucklehead said:

That RV must not be as heavy as it looks, because if it was I can't see how the front axle of the rollback are on the ground. Surely no one would be that stupid, maybe that's a real pic, but staged for fun?? I can see the tie downs so if it was photoshopped they did a good job of it. If it was a real tow, hopefully he was busted by the state or something.


TomJr said:

That looks insane but how much could the back of that hanging off weigh if the tanks were empty?


ShumanServices said:

If I had tried that stunt I DANG sure wouldn't take pictures of it or tell anyone about it either!
That's just pure, unadulterated stupidity!





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Something not right besides obvious safety issue.How would this load without ripping bumper off and how would it lift with that much overhang physics of situation just doesnt look right.

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