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Driver Supervisor


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Topic Originally Create by AllCountyTowing in April of 2013:


What do you all think a driver supervisor's responsibilities, duties, and expectations should be?



Detail trucks, finish paperwork, cover up Oopsies, check fluids, do driver reports, arrange stuff in boxes.

OH, you said what Should they be.. not what they really are.


In Memory of NationalAutow who said:

Supervisor should be a leader by example. He should be your "go to" guy in a pinch. He should be a trusted employee and trusted by management and other drivers. He needs to see a situation and lead others thru it, not sit back to wait and see what happens.

He needs to help run things and take the helm when you are not there or able.


badbowtie1982 said:

As an employee I believe the drivers supervisor/manager has to have a lot of experience in towing. They need to be the go to guy that other other guys feel they can call to ask question etc.
Where I work we have light duty manager and an operations manager.
Both guys have a lot of experience and I feel more comfortable knowing I can always ask questions if im not sure. And I'm not just saying that because both guys are on this site. Our light duty manager was named only a few weeks ago but is definitely the best guy for the job


BlackAutoload said:

Having been one, I dont really think the position is needed if the you have an active owner.
Basically you ask a guy to act like an owner. Ie babysitter.
Schedule , time cards, pee tests, uniforms, training, damage complaints, daily truck inspections sheets , order equip, ...


bounty hunter II said:

you do the same thing without the title with a lead driver he does all those thing that Blackauto said


In Memory of NationalAutow who said:

Bounty Hunter: He needs an appropriate title for whatever his job function is and he needs compensation based upon his assigned duties and qualifications.


Miracle 1 said:

I disagree ...I'm as active as a owner can be without giving up married life...Facing the facts, between my duties with the Towing,Repair,H/D Road service I wear many "hats"and for the most part I'm spread very thin having a Manager or a Driver supervisor would be awesome and well worth the extra $$$$ yearly it cost....No doubt it would free up alot of my time to do other things that need done... Kenny


ronin said:

Be cery careful in picking this person - the old saying is "in order to see a man's true character, give him authority". Many a good employee can't handle being a supervisor because of their mental maturity and a chip on their shoulder, which causes major friction amongst the ranks.. and can caouse the loss of employees - as in either he goes, or I go.

Something to go over with the person you choose so you don't run into that problem.


TowingHRandSafety said:

Are you seeking a Job Description for a towing supervisor?

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