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Roadside warning markers any battery powered ones that are really good


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Since the last state trooper to stop and not assist in blocking highway traffic whizzing by me while I was changing an RV tire drove over my warning markers when he just drove off. I need to replace them with something better than the plastic triangular ones that break half the times you pull them out any way.  Its bad enough they were destroyed but I was under a truck when he pulled away and my personal truck blocked my view of him and I was out there working without any reflective markers after he drove over them. Ain’t that special. 


I’d like something battery powered on a triangle base that I can raise up enough for better vis. Ive been looking at them but its hard to tell from the crappy images if I’m ordering some crap for John Q. Public to stash in his trunk in case he never needs them v a set that might actually keep me alive in bad weather hold up well and be worth the money. Hell I dont even know if a battery powered flashing light is legal or not. Maybe you can answer that for me. 



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Triangles are the worst, even more so when the are used improperly. They are designed to be a low cost solution. 

In order to be effective at all they must be set up properly. The electronic flares take less time to set up, however

in my opinion offer no more hazard warning then the triangles, though they may be more noticeable the ones I use

are constantly being struck when placed in the roadway. With that in mind that is the lane that drivers should have

slowed down in of not moved over.


This is how I found these one night, earlier I saw a HD Tow Truck picking up a TT. It was too dark to get the name

of the company, so they are still in my side box. Likely belong to the trucker and one or the other fialed to pick them

up prior to leaving. Anyone else ever done that, I left an electronic flare in a bad curve. Drove around the loop and

it was gone already.


If you have the room for them the regular rubber style traffic cones with an LED Slashing Light may be best.




These may work well for the type of work you're doing. What out for the crappy plastic stands on some.




I'll see if I can get a better image of the LED Flares I carry and rarely use.

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I guess its a catch 22


I like the traffic cone idea if I can find ones that are not cheap crap and lights that fit them well, catch being if the state troopers are going to drive over them everyone else will as well then theres the forgetting them in the rush to get out of there factor as well. You don’t want to cheap out and end up dead and where’s the price point that’s a good target for what I guess has to be considered a consumable part of the job. I think I was more pissed off about the trooper driving over my safety marker and leaving me with no marker behind me and I didn’t know it until I was loading up to leave. 

 I think I can make room on the deck of both my rollback and soon to be wrecker  for real cones. I like them v the triangles. 

if you happen to know a brand of flashers that you’d recommend would be great. 

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I forgot to add, do not purchase the consolable Traffic Cones. Those things a JUNK, they are a pain to set up and put away. As well they do not age well at all. Other than that the Guardian Angel is a must. While it does not set a perimeter, you can attach it to the side of the vehicle you are working on. Just remember to take it off, so you don't have to chase it down. Always best though to use your vehicle to block when doing tire changes. Be sure to turn the wheels into traffic. Yeah, it took a few times explaining the reason for turning them into traffic rather then away. But, I got it.

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I have been using old fashioned Flares on the Interstates around here.  I think there is something about an actual flame and smoke that get drivers attention more.  There are so many combinations of flashing lights, cones, and triangles left along the roads today that drivers don't seem to pay attention but the flame and smoke seems to get their attention IMHO.  I buy the 15 minute flares by the case now

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While I haven’t found my blinking light solution I have had an opportunity to test a few safety cone procedures.  I Kind of specialize in after hour work. Mountain areas crappy blind corners , I like being alive. I stared with those folding plastic reflectors then bought four hi vis cones and then another four now I have 20 for two trucks and a service vehicle and I may add some more. 

the last few weeks I had three really good test tows. I put out eight cones in an arch meaning none of them blocked another ones visible exposure to oncoming cars. Two of these tows were in high traffic spots where my truck is on the white line. I have a led lenser blinking light that I also use to warn people along with a light pointing forward and backwards on my head. 

the results were immediate. I watched vehicles moving over way back from me and the second I started retrieving them and there was less than five out drivers got closer and closer to me. One tow was on a two way narrow road on a blind corner and I’ve been in this exact spot before with three reflectors with eight cones out people came around that corner below forty mph. Both directions were slowing down. In case that helps any one justify carrying more cones than they are. 

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