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Oshkosh/Silent Hoist


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Originally Posted on Tow411 by Mark Redman in September of 2005:


Here is a 1961 Oshkosh/Silent Hoist Q40 (ex-Sevell's, Westfield, NJ) now owned by Central Garage in Hartford, CT. Does anyone know if this is the truck that was once owned by River Motors, in Toms River? I am thinking that it is, as there is still some blue paint visible on the underside of this truck. Wondering if anyone out there can give me an idea of the location of other trucks of this type still used by towers or used in the past? I am familiar with several here in Connecticut as well a a few others in NJ but would like to followup in order to possibly get some photos of additional trucks of this type. Thanks for your help and stay safe.

Mark Redman




WM99480 said:

high point has a very nice one ask for Steve

i think they still use it on big recoveries


In Memory of Da Wash Boss who said:

nice pic mark, if you want to know where all of them are try contacting bruce he can tell you a lot about these trucks. if you need his number let me know. hope all is well with you and i will keep you posted about the beautiful mack / oshkosh silent hoist unit.

Danny Cassello


Fredstowingnj said:

I think Mandy's Service Center in Edison Nj is still running one.Fred Koch,Jr.
Traa Ct#8216
Fred's Towing
South River,NJ



Steve Avela hpgtowing said:

I believe Schiliars of PA is running one also... SteveNew Jersey's Finest Since 1922


In Memory of Da Wash Boss who said:

thats right steve, it is a wonderful workhorse the truck is very under rated. i have hundreds of pics of 2 people i worked for spillanes and tolland automotive anyways i have hundreds of pics of their q 50s in action.

Danny Cassello


Steve Avela hpgtowing said:

Yep they do work alright... under rated and under estimated.. Stay well and safe... SteveNew Jersey's Finest Since 1922


Rick Redman said:

Excellent shot of your Oshkosh/Silent Hoist! Looks very familiar. LOL! Danny how about showing me some of those hundreds of shots you've been baiting me with for quite awhiile now! Give me a call sometime. About half an hour away from each other as you know and it's time we hooked up. Got some good shots for you to look at as well. Also, there's one particular shot that hasn't made it into my album yet. Give you only one guess to figure out which one!

Stay safe everyone,


In Memory of Da Wash Boss who said:

one shot not in album,,, hmmmm must be a big giant red mack that is going to make steve at hpg cry,,,,,, lol lol. am i right???? yes have oh my god hundreds of pictures of wrecks and with the silent hoist cranes in action. i have pictures of the first recovery job with a silent hoist crane in connecticut and to look back at that job now and look at the rigging oh my god osha would have a field day. alright we must hook up soon.

Danny Cassello


Steve Avela hpgtowing said:

Familiar indeed....It's a Mark Redman picture... I sent Schielars an e-mail.. wanted to know if he was interested in selling his Oshkosh.... I wouldn't mind owning 2 of them..... Wow.... Stay well... SteveNew Jersey's Finest Since 1922


Rick Redman said:

To add a little to Steve's strictly recovery comment on the Oshkosh/Silent Hoists. These trucks, with various size lifting capacities were sort of a 'second generation' if you will, of the US Navy crash cranes. Most of the earlier ones were built on Sterling chain-drive chassis. They were used at US Navy and USMC air stations for recovering downed aircraft on the runways. Most of the refurbished Oshkosh/Silent Hoists you see out there were done by a Connecticut based company. I'm looking into following thru with the person who did them to see what other info I can gather. Not sure if the replacements for these would fit into this forum, but the US Navy later used big, and I mean big, Caterpillar or LeTourneau based crash cranes. Technically I guess you could classify these as tow vehicles. If someone wants to see one I'm sure I can get one on the site from my vast collection of airport crash vehicle photos.

Stay safe, Everyone!


drewmel said:

Saw this truck a while back sitting next to their other silent-hoist. Looks like a great truck to make some money with. I must say the look of the Spillane's ex-truck is a whole lot meaner though. Just my opinion.


In Memory of Da Wash Boss who said:

yes spillanes crane does look meaner as he had an enclosed cab and spreader bars on the side and rear of that truck. tolland automotives crane a q 50 like spillanes however their crane is 4 feet longer then spillanes. i have many many pictures of silent hoists doing recovery and i need to make time and learn how to post them.

Danny Cassello


Boscotow said:

great pictures ! truck looks awesome. i use to operate tolland automotive q50,now i run bosco's automotive's q50. steve you're right they are a true workhorse! i'm glad to see more guy's rebuilding them and using them. good luck with it .... dennis


Steve Avela hpgtowing said:

Thank you Dennis... These trucks are so grossly under rated... The truck never fails to amaze me.. It'll take a loaded trailer with 50,000 Lbs in it and lift it right up... Wish I had another one of these trucks... I had inquired about Schliars, I know he had one. wasn't sure if he had it for sale... Stay well all... Steve


thedricks said:

I remember this truck very well.  It was purchased by Carney's Towing of Scotch Plains NJ in around 1973.  It came from Ohio as a tri axle.  This truck was sold to Sevell's around 1985.  As I remember it had alway's been garage kept.  As a kid I hung around the garage and went out on many recoveries with this unit


DragNTow aka Mike Penn said:

I believe Jr. Ellis still has a Silent Hoist for sale in Elizabethtown Ky.

Happy Haulin............DragNTow

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