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TRPNC Tow Show


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Topic originally created by littleredg in January of 2009:


Here's some pics from a show in Lexington N.C. about 1982 or 83.


















getuone2x said:

I like the old power wagon . my dad had one from a RxR. Also remember two power wagons getting a car hit by train half mile down RxR track from their shop one going forward one backward with the car hanging in between


Jim said:

i towed many trucks with the blue mack with the atlas that was one of the first trucks with an undereach in this aera ralph but an add on nrc on the back on a side note can anyone name the beacons.


Roach901 said:

Those were made by Mars. There beacons all had the high plastic chrome look bases, some had split lens so you could change colors. I think the ones on the Mack are their Aurora Borialis style.


srvmgrnow said:

Yeah, that Mack belonging to Ralph Gates was the envy of a lot of people in this area at the time, super clean truck.


wreckerman05 said:

thanks for posting this-- i remember all of these trucks and companies--man i would like to have those trucks now in the condition they were in then--- brings back old memories--------i was at all of those lexington shows--


vulcanuk said:

all great trucks, really like that 5ton 6x6 with the 850 on , and ray harris rotator has neat winch set up and spade, how things have changed but all of these units could still get the job done in the right hands.


RedPete said:

Very cool pictures I love the way every truck was unique in its own way. I could look at those pictures over and over and never get board of them. Thanks for posting them.


towbc said:

i remember seeing the sneath truck 20 + years ago i thank it was in greensburo nc thanks for posting pics


Underdog said:

Great pics, thanks for sharing.
Stay Safe, Rich.

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