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Hoodlums Stealing Gas Creates Profit Center...


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Well we have had a recent financial "boost" from UHaul lately. We already do a lot of work, both road service & shop work for them now but someone has been going around to area rental centers and drilling a hole in the top of the fuel tanks. They only hit the F650's I believe because they have a large tank?




This front one only had 425 miles on it! The tanks are $3000 which flipped them out....so we have been removing the tanks, fumigating them out and seal welding a plug in the hole.




So far we have done 8 trucks total. The 1st we installed a used tank that they had from a wrecked unit. I told them it would be easier if we just fixed them since finding that many tanks may take some time. It amazes me that in 5 different locations, they haven't been able to catch anyone on CCTV or anything?


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I would be lining trucks up at a location and then doing a stake out. The thieves likely could not resist that may gals at one time. Problem is these can be inside jobs so they have to give a reason several trucks are being sent to one location. I think it would work within a short time, might be worth an investment in the time required. Police Departments are often to days to invest the manpower to being proactive as such. Today it is reactive in many situations and this is a society problem not an authorities problem.


Be extremely careful when making such repairs, don't want anyone going boom.

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The 1 we got on Friday we had to go 50 miles for....but it was vandalized up here. The agent rented it with a piece of duct tape over the hole.... That wasn't too smart. But it was the 1st that the hole is up in the front of the tank? When I found out where it happened...it made sense. Their lot is on a hill and they back them in up it.

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Got a call Saturday night from the Arizona center for one of these with "a hole in the gas tank"... Explained the situation and that there wasn't much we could do then. Not sure on what they decided but the situation obviously continues....

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Why go through all of the work to drill a hole on top, when there's a nice big hole already provided?

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I saw this post a bit late ... but comment that this happens frequently (here) in San Diego with smaller sized school busses for churches and schools. The bad-guys shimmy under the bus, poke a hole in the tank and let it run into some kind of basin. With diesel already at $4 plue per gallon, this kind of theft is an easy way to refuel.

Randall C. Resch

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