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Finally, a WOMAN who does what she's told!


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Topic Originally Created by Scott Burrows on Tow411 in December of 2012:


Not to knock any one female, or group of women, but all of us have had instances where we ask our wife/girlfriend/significant-other to do something, and (instead of doing it) they question the reasoning or rationale behind the request.

Well, this morning, we are clearing up an accident, where a semi-tractor and trailer have literally driven thru a U-Haul loaded with computer equipment. The debris field was significant, and the traffic backup on I-71 was (by now) six miles and growing.

The KY DOT snow-plow driver turned to be and asked if we were going to clean up all the computers lying on the bridge; he also was questioning the responsibility of KY tow truck operators, in regards to clean up of accident debris.

Now that I have set the story, here's the rest:

I suggested that we just toss the computers over the bridge rail; that would clear the highway much more quickly.

The local towing operator that was assisting me had his #1 "Girl Friday" with him, and she had a printer (still in the box) in her hands.

She, very simply, turned and dropped it over the edge of the bridge!

You Go, Girl!

Scott Burrows


miracle1 said:

Thank you !after today I was needing a good laugh.....



DragNTow "Mike Penn" said:

Does she have any sisters?


mooresbp said:


She had to be one in a million.


Slim Santa said:

She had to be one in a million.



Old Tow said:

Bless her little "pea pickin " heart.....where is the bridge, I need a new printer  ...


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