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Wreckmaster Skates from 2003


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November 2003 A Big Toe Wrote:


how do you get the skates out from under the wheels after you have pulled the vehicle to an acceptable pickup location while using a jerr dan quick pic?

so far, we have had to use our floor jack on both sides to remove them, any help would be appreciated...

rob (A Big Toe)


Rod VT tubeyellow.gifWrote:

Rob, you pound sideways on the block end of them. After you have worked them back and forth a couple of times, work them out to the side of the tire, and then back toward the rear of your tow, and they will pop out.

Richmond, Vermont


Colorado Towman said:

How are you using the skates. I am surprised you are having issues. I find if you take the pressure of the wheels by releasing the parking brake or moving the gear selector into neuteral the skates will come right out. I never had any problems removing them after I worked with them a little.


Heartland Service said:

Many times I use the skates I can not get the vehicle out of park, so I just work em back and forth and out they come.


Kevin aka Polock said:

Local tower in my area has the skates...His driver was unloading a car and a skate popped out from under the tire.
Guess where the landed right in the drivers nose. Broke the
boys nose.
Now I asked a number question about what the driver was doing and all I get is "Just backing the car off the deck". Well
this maybe true, but just a little advice. Always pay attention to your skates when unloading.


Ken Cruse said:

Kevin our warranty does not cover that, I hope the lad is OK.
Please try to find out how this happened for me.


McRae Towing said:

Ken, that can happen with any skate out there WreckMaster or other brands.

I think what must of happened was he was using only 2 skates on an all wheel drive car. It's when the other wheels turn and wind up the drive line this will make one front wheel turn forward and the other turn back wards. Something has to give and one skate will fly out violently. I recommend everyone have 4 skates under all wheel drive vehicles.

Thanks, George.


Ken Buehler said:

I had this happen with a front wheel drive recently unloading, the skate went right under the one wheel & spit out the front. it did not come out violently & I was behind it so it was of no threat (but it does get your attention)



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