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From Geri Roskopf's Blog:


I have a tow lady friend who lost her husband a few years ago. We were finally able to get together for lunch to catch up on what’s going on with our families. She commented that her youngest son told her that he felt they never did anything as a family because his dad was always working. I could totally relate to that. We both agreed that, looking back, we probably should have insisted we take more time to do things as a family.


It seems that for the both of us, the only vacation we took as a family was going to our state tow show each year. The thing about that, though, was my husband and I were involved in the tow show committee, and while I took the kids to the water park, or to play miniature golf, dad didn’t go along.


I guess it took having grand kids who came along to the tow show to realize all the missed family time and memories to be made. My husband actually went to the water park with the grand kids. The fun I saw and the laughter I heard was pure joy.

While I know it’s not always easy to take time off from work, you need to — like the Nike commercials say — just do it. Work will always be there, and if something happens while you’re away, you’ll deal with it. That’s just what towers do.


It doesn’t have to be a week’s vacation either. Going to lunch, watching a ball game and then going for ice cream can make for some great family memories.


Take it from me and my friend, it’s extremely important to make family time. We don’t want your kids to tell you they don’t remember doing anything as a family.



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Funerals are for the living. That was an awesome piece of literature. You can never replace time lost. Never! I was really perturbed recently when someone was roasted for suggesting that they charge extra for working in inclement weather. What about holidays? Rates should be double and a half for working Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Father's day and Mother's Day! What are you afraid of?

Police work at a holiday rate, as do plumbers and electricians. It should be written into your contract. Grow some balls and ovaries and demand fair compensation for the experience, education, training and education that you bring to the table. And after hours should be time and a half as well. 

Stop being meek, and demand your due. 

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