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How bad it has really gotten...

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Do you wonder why all of our insurance premiums are outrageous???


Here is probably one of the biggest reasons....

So, I had this 2020 Toyota Tacoma in my yard from a rollover mva My partner performed last week. Although it was a relatively light roll, there was significant damage to the cab. The wheels, driveline, engine, etc.. were in fine shape. I was actually able to yard drive it out of the gate for these clowns to load it.


Copart sent a "contracted" tow company That I will not Name  to retrieve it from me and when he showed up, he had a pretty decent looking Alfa-Romeo on the deck. After he cut the check, I asked How he planned on loading it, Assuming he might  put the Tacoma on the W / L backwards...  His response was " I am going to bang bar it"....  So here is a 9,000 mile, excellent conditioned Tacoma parts truck off on its 70 mile journey to the Copart yard..... In neutral, Engine running....  Notice ZERO safety chains, He used ONE lone J-hook / chain combo to secure it to his cross bar, ( J-hook on one side, through the grab hooks and wrapped the other end through the cv-axle ), There is ONE tie-back on the A-R ( probably the other j-hook from his pair ) and the winch on the front. ZERO front securements...  The wireless tag-light bar he put on the roof doesn't even work.. When I asked him about it, He was very matter-of-fact and said, "I just tell the cop if they ask that it died "..... The third pic is of him driving off..





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30 years in business, no claims & I pay the same rate as this guy leaving my yard for insurance with 200 miles ahead of him...



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Hello from sunny (when its not raining) Orcas Island

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Has it really gotten worse or are we just taking note of it more?


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