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Afraid of water

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We got this call last weekend after nor'easter. In 24hrs over a dozen companies turned down this call.Public safety had them call me.I sent my little daughter in to hook it up 20minutes later done and dropped at dealer.Sometimes I just dont get it.





Kevin's American Towing Service
Ph: 631-654-8811

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Thats a call where I love having our MPL40 autoloaders.... Id rather not get wet if I can help it.  But, those calls pay a premium, so, if I have to go swimming, I will.


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If there was an open manhole cover near that vehicle you would be in for a surprise . Years ago I had a manhole cover blow off right in front of me as I was walking through 2-3 feet of water . If I hadn't seen it happen I might have ended up in the ocean as food for the lobsters . We handle these a lot differently now .

Tom C


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About 15 or so years ago I stepped out of the truck, hooked a car in the water and pulled it out. Later I came back to get another one and the water had gone down. What I found scared me enough to never go into the water again. It was an open manhole cover only a few feet from where I had stepped out of the truck into the dirty water. The manhole cover had floated off when the water came up and was on the sidewalk 20 feet away. That was enough for me, I learn my lesson and a again.


They welded that manhole cover and others that were in flood prone area such as underpasses as this one was. Step into an open manhole and its over!


Of course this water was likely clear enough to see through only a few inches and there would not likely be a manhole cover. Today I still will not go into it, but I might use an auto-load to get it out. I'd have to think about that one...

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...Hi this is Pam with XYZ motor club, I have a car in a foot of water high centered, would you accept a PO to get paid in a month and do the call for $30 ?

This is always why so many companies turn down a call.

It isn't because they are morons.

My .02 

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good point on man hole cover never would of thought of that as a hazard I guess you have to carry a long stick to guide you as you walk, and I also saw someone posted they carry fishing waders another great idea. 

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