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Things that might make you go Hmmm... from 2006

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The S-10 is mine just put it on the bed for Counterweight to move the trailer appx 50 miles. But I guess it could've been deceiving(sp). I've seen worse.
slimsanta said:
It's really neat when someone does some thing right and posts a picture.
Al Dakota Service & Repair, Brookings, SD
Orcas Tow said;
Iv'e done the same thing with a 30 footer, no problem unless you have to park it in a narrow alleyemoticonthumb.gif
Hello from sunny (when its not raining) Orcas Island
Wade200 said:
Looks good!
As far as trailer towing goes, you really don't need the counter weight do you? The tounge weight of a trailer is way less than that of a vehicle.
I doubt a flatbed owners manual would specify whether a trailer tow would be okay considering they don't recommend a vehicle on a bed without something loaded.
It's better to have a counter and be safe, nice job!
P.S. - Do you have wireless tow lights, a convertor plug for travel trailers, or a tow light extension cord?
Daniel Wade
Jared Allpoints said
looks good. good job, nice rollback
Brian Bell said:
laugh.gif That's what I thought about when I looked at the pic.laugh.gif

I had to buy a 4 round male plug that I adapted to a 4 flat. Then I bought a 4 flat to a 7 rv and also bought a 7 rv to a 6 round so .. I think I should be able to run my lights on most everything.
P.S. The tongue said it had a weight of 1500#
Reliable Towing said:
I bet you had alot of lookersnerd.gif when you were jammin down the road. I would have taken a double look and thought what was that guy w/ the s10 thinkingemoticonthumb.gif
Thanks for showing us the right way steven
paulie417 said:
Nice looking Rollback.The camper makes for a long unit!!
Living Life in the Ditch!! C'ya
Paul Morin
Mooresbp said:
HMMMMM yep you are right I went HMMMM! Nice tow.
George - Moore's BP
We'll see you on down the road
twinbulls said:
Thats just too funny with that s-10 I thought WTF was he thinking then I read a little...lol

Nice job....


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That is actually a long term plan with the rollback I just bought, except I don't have the crew cab, (or the travel trailer) yet.   Actually thinking about buying an old travel trailer, taking axles off and putting rolloff dumpster style wheels on it so it's just frame height above the bed.   Pull it up on the bed and then just unload it at campsite.  

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