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"How Bad Could It Be"...Famous Last Words...

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Well I was leaving 1 winchout and got a call in the same neighborhood for a 26' box truck stuck. The guy was short a couple hundred so he canceled us. I figured I was only a couple miles from him so I had my Daughter In Law call them back and say we would take care of it...how bad could it be? Right there is where I set the stage. SO after trying to get through this gated community, we finally get to the road that he's on.Substantial hill that looks to go on forever, barely plowed so I'm rubbing both banks as I go in spots...get a 1/2 mile up and find the truck blocking the road with no place to turn around...


Trucks leaning on 2 trees with a ripple already in the side panel...






So after evaluating it...& deciding if I just want to go home...I back back down the mountain a 1/2 mile to where I can turn around. then back up again backwards to the truck...





Truck needed to be winched sideways & forward so we ran a line to a tree & back to the frame in front of the suspension... 







Pulled the unit sideways & it popped right out of the hole. Then we backed them in the driveway to unload it.


Couple of scars...but no big damage...








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