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Holmes 1201 w/wheel lift


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12 Aug 2009 16:54

Jaybe2 Wrote:

I posted this in the medium duty towing but thought it was better suited here. Im looking at an '86 C60 with a 1201 body and was wondering what the wheel lift is rated for? From the searching I have done this seems to be a very light duty body for a truck with a 32000 GVW.



kochsauto said:

ran the same body just on a chevy one ton chassis.i believe the wheel lift has a 3000 pound lift and 7500 tow.also the reach is a little on the short side.that is an early version with cable controls and they are a pain.the boom is a beast, probally one the best booms ever put on a light duty and was also used on the 552.


Jaybe2 said:

I was told by the owner that this body was installed on this truck when it was new in '86, did they all get the same wheel lift or could this body have a bigger wheel lift? Just seems small for this truck!


Randall L Dawson said:

I bought the first one sold and I believe the above ratings are correct and it also came on a C-30. Randy.


tow9611 said:

That is a old Mals towing out of mass they had a bunch of those c60 built new as wreckers and they also had some Holmes flatbeds also


Tennessee TowBoss said:

From what I have seen a lot of towers on the West Coast put 6 to 8 ton bodies on C 60 or F600 Trucks, The truck would last longer that the 1 ton of the day. Robert

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