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Tow truck tactics put young driver in a difficult situation


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Re: LETTER: Tow truck tactics put young driver in a difficult situation


My daughter was in a first time accident at an intersection recently. She called me and I made my way there. What do I find?


The police and two tow trucks are there. Shivering, in shock, her nose bleeding from the air bag , she’s being pressured by the towing company and the police to use their service. “Don’t worry, the insurance company will pay for it.” She has a CAA membership. We say no thanks, CAA is on the way in 10 minutes.


Fourteen minutes go by while the tow truck lurks 100 yards away. The police come to us and say “ok, it’s been 14 minutes, if he’s not here in 3 minutes I’m having this towed. We have a mandate to clear a site in 20 minutes.”


By the way, this is not a busy intersection at all. Thank God Flanagan Towing arrived just in time. It turns out my daughter didn’t have collision on the car – often young drivers opt for the cheapest insurance not understanding the possible consequences. Flanagan’s told us it could have cost her between $2,000-$3,000.


I am certainly not trying to paint our fine police force with one brush here, but the behaviour of the towing company that miraculously arrived instantly and these particular officers’ pressure tactics were disturbing and shameful toward a young driver trying to cope with her first accident.




Take Note: if these Aggressive Tactics are allowed to continue to grow it will effect EVERY TOW COMPANY that operates in CANADA. The companies that cause it will just fade away and leave the destruction of any system in their wake. Long established companies have and will suffer...

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