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Ole Rig - 96 GMC 6500 w/Vulcan


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25 Sep 2006 12:54

Yawakze wrote,

Here's some pics of my ole rig, a 96 GMC 6500 with a vulcan wrecker. She's gone now the owner scrapped her and mounted the wrecker on a f-650 chassis.
mballor said:
Looks like a nice truck, our trucks look about the same in the winter we will have four of them snow covered then switch them out in the shop and pull the others out. Its not really the snow coming down, its all the salt and slush on the road that makes it hard.
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16 Oct 2006 18:10

A good Sunday Morning start after I cleared and towed the 2 vehicle accident and towed my neighbour's dodge I had to recover my partner's rig. I had to take some " Rub it in " pictures
ExpressTowAaron said:
It happens to everyone, at least you didn't have to hire someone else! Nothing is more embarrassing than seeing your truck behind a competitors truck, that's why I bought a light B class lol.
FMS Mike said:
Express what happened to your M2??
ExpressTowAaron said:
This pic it ran out of fuel emoticonthud.gif .... Been hooked up to both of them more than once unfortunately. Nothing but problems with them until they hit 50,000 miles and haven't had any problems since? emoticonnuts.gif
Trk3 05 M2 w/MB: 3 clutches, new harness, new tranny (I think they messed up on purpose after the 3rd clutch).
Trk4 05 M2 w/ MB: New tranny, new rear end, 2 weeks of downtime chasing electrical gremlins.

Heres the pic of the punishment for running out of fuel.
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