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TowTimes.com - Detroit Assurance Helps Keep Drivers Safe, Comfortable


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The Detroit Assurance 5.0 suite of active safety systems uses a sophisticated mix of fused radar and high-definition camera technology to automatically track objects and threats on the road, and then activate in real-time to mitigate collisions.

Detroit Assurance 5.0 is spec’d in all of Western International’s fleet of more than 100 Freightliner Cascadia trucks.

The optional Active Lane Assist (ALA) detects the reflective paint and raised reflectors in lane markers. While in cruise, ALA’s Lane Keep Assist actively and continuously assists the driver with keeping the vehicle within the lane. If the vehicle crosses the markers, the lateral steering assist motor – ALA’s Lane Departure Protection – will steer the truck back into the center of its lane and will issue a warning on the instrument panel.

Additionally, Detroit Assurance’s Side Guard Assist (with full trailer sweep capability) automatically detects objects in the truck’s blind spot and along the full length of tractor and trailer to alert the driver to the presence of other vehicles, stationary objects, and even pedestrians in urban environments.

According to accident research conducted by Bosch analyzing public crash data, injuries from class 7 and 8 truck crashes could be reduced by up to 23 percent and fatalities by up to 19 percent when they are the accident-triggering vehicle. Additionally, it is estimated that technologies like Active Lane Assist could reduce the property damage from class 7 and 8 trucks when those vehicles are the accident-triggering vehicle by up to 35 percent.

Active Lane Assist is also a driver comfort feature. It dampens vibrations from rough roads and issues minimal directional adjustments, translating into significantly less strain on the driver’s arms, shoulders, and neck.

Detroit® is a single-source trucking business solution that offers mid-range and heavy-duty diesel engines, ePowertrains, transmissions, axles, safety systems and connected vehicle services for on-highway and vocational commercial markets.For more information visit DemandDetroit.com.



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