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International CV factory electric PTO switch?


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I’ve got a new International CV all GM drive train Duramax/ Allison. The factory electric PTO switch works intermittently brake on cruise off, has anyone ever hardwired a switch under the dash to turn it on and off by passing all the safety stuff?
Help: I’ve had it to the dealer three times and of course it works every time. The truck only have 9000 miles on it.
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 I'm not sure on these, but we have a Ford F-650 that does the exact same thing. I know the feeling of frustration when you are at the scene of an accident or something like that, and then the stupid PTO doesn't work! Does your switch put the truck on PTO and high idle as well, or does it just switch the PTO on, and then use the cruise control for high idle?

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I am sure it could be done, Just BE CAREFUL. I were you I would first start with looking at the factory wiring schematics and see if there is something that maybe you can find that might be causing it to cause you trouble. Many dealer techs wont take the time to actually go through it if they cant get it to replicate the problem your describing. They will simply let it run for 30 mins. and if it doesnt do what your saying it does they boot it out the door.

I would be very leery of "hot wiring" the pto if the schematic shows that any of that circut happens to run through the ecu or bcm.. You might just end up opening a big can of worms that the dealer will then not touch because you "modified" the truck..

Nothing makes me cringe more than having to chop up a brand new trucks wiring.. 


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