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What would you do "Safety Discussion 10"

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Originally posted 03 Jan 2015

Safety Discussion 10 - 3 Images
texas towing said:
Are you kidding me. I guess you can't fix stupid.
getuone2x said:
That's a WTF moment. What were they(he) thinking, get the job done no matter what.
PlanBTransport said:
I'm impressed, looks like the front wheels are still on the ground lol
cdntowguy said:
ya, but you can charge for it. In this case, the repair shop will be charging the owner.

Steve in Ottawa
hti said:
wow I am amazed it picked it up
silverhawk said:
Besides exceeding GVW ratings, no safety chains (criminal neglect), no tow lights and no shaft removed.  Looks like the only thing he brought to the towing job was stupidity.
In Memory of NationalAutow who said:
All you guys are all wrong.

Hell, he had straps on the tires! What else do you over protective, anal retentive, safety freaks want?
Then Added:
It has been over 24 hours since I posted the above without another response.

I certainly hope no one took me seriously.

On the serious side, this obviously should NEVER have been attempted in the first place.
I really want to believe that's a Photoshop, I really do. I also can't believe that someone did that "successfully"
carl4tow said:
I can't figure out how the front wheels are still on the ground
WisTex said:
I am surprised that he can successfully tow that truck, but his flatbed tow truck is front heavy, which is probably what makes it physically possible.

Unless he has an escort vehicle to the rear that we can't see, that would be illegal in Texas, because there are no working tail lights mounted on the tow.

(I found an interesting law in Texas saying that only the last vehicle in a convoy is required to have working tail lights. So theoretically, a rear escort vehicle could substitute for working tail lights on the tow.)
Roadside Rescue said:
I'm surprised that the wheel lift would lift that weight in the first place. ? is it an illusion or in picture #1 is the bed flexing really badly. The thing that blows me away the most is that the front wheels of the f-650 are still on the ground. This is what I would call a great example of  "Stab & Steer" Stab the brake , the nose come back to the ground {for a short period of time} Turn in the direction you would like to go in, and repeat as many times as you need. P.S. and hope no other vehicles are in your way. Really great to see another Steering Wheel Holder @ work.
rreschran said:
Silverhawk hit the nail on the head. In the realm of criminal negligence, consider the mechanical outcome of action versus reaction if this carrier was forced into a panic stop situation. Action; the load's weight pushes the carrier's wheel-lift down toward's the pavement raising the front wheels. Reaction: when the carrier's front end raises in a panic stop, maintaining an ability to steer (retain steering control) or any means to brake cleanly (stop) would be totally eliminated.  This technique is neither reasonable nor prudent as would be asked by jury and judge. Escort or not, this load is completely illegal and cops should enforce such flagrant towing violations. Try explaining that one in a wrongful death scenario. So, I guess the question is ... why do towers continue to take these kinds of risks?
carl4tow said:
why you ask I see it all the time it's I have a tow truck if it fits it ships gave me 25 bucks were good and if you say anything they tell you don't tell me how to do my job 
occupant272 said:
I'll just say I am hoping this was just a case of the driver pulling the disabled truck a few hundred feet off the main road and into a parking lot to be loaded by another more capable tow unit.
Alan Moore - Westerville, OH
TOAD Towing & Roadside Assistance
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