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Water Drilling Rig

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02 Feb 2007

Here is a couple of pictures of a little drilling rig I towed yesterday.
This is the heaviest bobtail (50k) that I have hauled since I got my truck.
Since I don't have a Brake Buddy yet I tried to run a air line to use his brakes but came up with no "easy" way to do it..
the lines at the firewall were small w/ the quick connect fittings and under the truck the air lines seemed to run left side
and right side separately? emoticonconfused.gif ... I would usually tap into the supply valves on the front rearend but No Dice this time...
So emoticondriving.gif bbrrr...bbrr...br(jake brake).. Is this common on a Mack?


hookin29 said:
When all esle fails on a mack???? You can use the brake valve on the frame. If you tie into this, it does the same thing.. This is just another way of doing things!!!
Brian Bell said:
There was a brake valve on each frame rail??? I emoticonconfused.gif why but it looked like if I ran to one valve
it would work the L/S or R/S only ... and I didn't want that... emoticonwow.gif that would be a ride.
Scott Burrows said:
New ABS mandates brake valves on each side of the frame. We are currently working on a quick solution, as some of our drivers have encountered the same set-up.

The ABS will 'modulate' the brakes on each side during a wheel-lockup brake application. It will also retain air and slow or stop a spinning wheel in poor traction conditions (traction control).
N Mex Tow said:
I did the same thing last week on a Paystar 500 . The Brake Buddy wouldnt clamp on right to the pedal.


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