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You Tube: Turning Tow Truck Loses Load

Steve W

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I watched it a few times, And yes,I agree 100% Safety chains woulda Kept it at least tied to him and would have dragged around the corner with him But what I cant seem to figure out how it came up out of the grids? It looks like he had straps on it. did it hit the deck while pivoting and get pushed out? ( seen that happen before). 


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That was a great idea to go frame by frame. Why did I not think of that method to determine at what point this disconnect incident occurred.


1. Straps were loose.

2. No Safety Chains

3. Towed Vehicle in Neutral though it was towed from the rear.


My question: Is it possible the stinger was all the way in to the lock position and did not turn causing the vehicle to slip out of the loose straps which may have been of a basket type. Most fail to realize that basket straps do require some tension to function properly to secure the vehicle being towed.


I am still puzzled as to why this vehicle rolled. It appears to be a Nissan Pathfinder or is is a Honda Passport? If it is a Pathfinder then it should have been in 2WD, if it is a Passport it maybe AWD. I'm leaning towards a Pathfinder, maybe not even a 4WD.

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I have seen some vehicles in the past actually still roll pretty good even in park with enough force such as getting dropped out of a wheel lift. The parking pawl will make this horrific ratcheting sound and eventually re-catch and stop. ( if it doesnt snap and disintergrate ). Or if it is a manual, It will simply roll the motor over (Forward or backwards depending on what gear it was in ) untill it has lost enough momentum to stop it. Again, Usually destroying all kinds of parts. 

It almost looks as if the pivot pin in the wheel lift may be seized. It just doesnt seem to be flopping around like I thought it would once the suv came out.. I dont really know. It is kinda puzzling to me.

On a side note, Those older Nissan Pathfinders, Mitsu Monteros, Isuzu Troopers and the Honda Passports were actually pretty much one in the same with minor changes. It was back in the day when some Japanese manufactures "shared" base designs on certain models. 


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I am assuming the key fob was in the vehicle. As it rolled off the bed it activated the sensor which opened the hatch.


This isn't just a driver error this is a total failure which could have been even more catastrophic. Who does that....

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