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What is the weight of jerrdan hpl60 with 0808D boom

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Hello people,


My first post from UK.

I'm looking to build a small wrecker and need to know the actual weight of Jerr dan hpl60 wheel lift and 0808D or 1210D twin line boom. With alloy cougar body.


I have searched Google but I cannot find this information, I want to know what the equipment weighs to work out my rear axle weights etc


Also looking to buy this equipment, if you have this boom and wheel lift then please let me know. WhatsApp +447863281324



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It probably weighs around 5-6 thousand with fluid tanks  going by what mine weighed in at when removed from chassis.

Im sure if you call or e-mail Jerr-Dan they can give you exact number.

Kevin's American Towing Service
Ph: 631-654-8811

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