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Tow Driver Struck 01.29.21 (CA)


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San Diego: Tow Driver Hit 01292021

Video Courtesy of 911 Video News:

INCIDENT DATE/TIME: 1-29-21 2:05 am

LOCATION: SB I-15 @ Friars Rd

CITY: San Diego


DETAILS: The male tow driver from ASAP Towing was loading a vehicle onto his flatbed tow truck from a previous accident. The male driver of a Volkswagen was southbound on the I-15 and for unknown reasons, went to his right and hit the tow truck driver before going up the flatbeds ramp and hitting the 1st vehicle.


The tow truck driver was transported immediately to a local hospital with major injuries. The Fire Dept and AMR Ambulance were still at the scene from the 1st accident and rendered immediate aid. The driver of the Volkswagen spoke with the CHP and left the scene quickly. According to the CHP, the driver was not DUI. In the first accident, the driver hydroplaned in the rain and hit the center divider wall, and suffered minor injuries, and was also transported to a local hospital.



There are no other details available at this time.

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My thoughts are with the Injured operator. Praying for a speedy and full recovery from his injuries. 

Now, I gotta say, In situations such as this where the driver involved in a collision seems to be whisked away by a friend, family, co-worker etc.. suddenly like this, 90% of the time they are off duty L.E. or some sort of big wig so to speak.. At least that is the way it is here usually. Had one a few weeks ago similar to this. I was loading one  on the side of a highway and all of a sudden this Audi coming in the opposite direction skids out and slides into the ditch on the other side of the road about 40'-50' from where I was working. The officer that was babysitting my disablement job went over, spoke to the guy for about 10 whole seconds, made a phone call and by the time I finished loading my casualty, someone pulled up in a Malibu and took off with the other guy across the road. Another company was called to remove his car and later in the day I met up with that operator for coffee and he said that turns out, that guy was a lieutenant with the sheriffs office. No investigation, No tickets, Nothing. The guy could have been blitzed drunk for all we know and L.E. just let it slide... Apparently the Lt. guy even had the gall to ask the tow company for a "Break on" the winch out and tow... I dont know about any of you but, I am way more willing to give a discount or a "break" to some single mom in a Hyundai or an overworked guy driving a rusty old Chevy pick up Then some Cop that makes over $120.000 a year driving a brand new Audi.

Now, I dont mean to "cop bash". I support true, professional Law enforcement officers who dont treat their badge like a free ride/do whatever ticket.

This is just a sad, common observation I see all too often with a select few of them. The narrative of this posted incident reminds me of these situations.  


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