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Truck driver arrested on Natchez Trace with pot (MS)

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TUPELO • The driver of a commercial vehicle was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs on the Natchez Trace Parkway near Tupelo Friday.


According to NTP Chief Ranger Prashant Lotwala, the arresting park ranger had just completed a motor vehicle crash investigation and was waiting for a tow truck when he observed a commercial box truck on the parkway. Commercial vehicles are not allowed on the parkway.


As the park ranger approached the truck, he detected a strong odor of marijuana. During the subsequent investigation, the driver admitted to smoking marijuana prior to being stopped. The park ranger observed additional signs of impairment, which led to standard field sobriety tests. The driver performed poorly and was taken into custody.


“Regarding the incident from this morning, a box truck being driven by someone who is potentially impaired really equates to high risk to our national park visitors,” Lotwala said. “I am glad he was stopped, and an enforcement action was taken.”


The stop was made near milepost 265, between Interstate 22 and the NTP headquarters.



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