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Barstool Pizza Review - Calabria Pizzeria & Restaurant, Livingston, NJ (1000th Review)


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OK, I just had to share this for those that don't follow One Bite Pizza Reviews. Dave Portnoy like the guy or not, he is an American and stepped up to raise funds for small business, primarily restaurants that have been hit hard during the pandemic. I hope everyone reading this has been patronizing these local restaurants, even doing carry out. I know we have been preparing far more meals at home. However, we make an effort to order from our favorite locally owned places. We didn't want to see them close up, so far most are surviving. For how much longer, another shut down to likely shut them down. Making the leases alone for many have been hard, some are lucky to have been generational with properties which are paid for. Those that have closed weren't that good anyway, sorry to say! Don't know what's it been like in your area.


Enough of my rattling on, the video being shared has the highest review ever by Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports and One Bite Pizza Review. You know the Rule which is always broken. Anyway, When I saw the Pizza I knew it was going to be High, Thin Crust and you can hear the crunch. Looks to be the right amount of sauce and cheese. Even I would score it high and I've never had a Pizza in New Jersey.


So, what say you New Jersey is this place any good? As a Tow Op, What's the Best Pizza In New Jersey?


Barstool Pizza Review - Calabria Pizzeria & Restaurant, Livingston, NJ (1000th Review)



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