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This was my RANT to Trucking Companies


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This was MY RANT on LinkedIn last night!


RANT! Does anyone have a contact for an Amazon Transportation Safety Director. I was nearly struck working on the side of the road and the majority of the Tractors were pulling Amazon Prime Trailers. While this was in a construction zone limited to two lanes with space was limited by concrete temporary barrier. The vehicle I was recovering was hung up in the guardrail and two marked units were 75ft and 150ft back. That's three vehicles with Red & Blue Lights.


While there was no room for vehicles too move over, not ONE of those trucks even attempted to Slow Down. Had they slowed from 60mph to under 40mph I could have likely kept the roadway open. Since they didn't they sat in traffic which backed up for 10 to 15 minutes. While my preference is to allow traffic flow and not hinder interstate transportation or risk a secondary accident. I am not going to risk my life because not only passenger vehicles, but Truckers will not Slow Down Move Over. If like this situation you cannot move over, you can Slow Down!


This isn't a Game, It's the Law... Keep pushing and the death counts continue to climb, citations including DOT inspections will climb. Striking a Highway Worker - Officer will end a Truckers Career. Please Preach Not Only Safety, but SLOW DOWN MOVER OVER SAFETY.

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To think I just wrote this RANT on Linkedin yesterday. While I have a number of trucking company contacts on LinkedIn not one of those contacts responded. I have written safety directors over the past few months, none have responded and Truckers are now are biggest fear exceeding impaired drivers. Who would have ever thought as tow truck operators working along side the roadway would be disrespected to such a degree...


And Today we hear that not one but two tow truck operators and their tow truck were struck by a tractor-trailer which left the scene with damage. Three Feet or Less that's all I had and that could have been me had I not realized the danger and shut it down. Again, my preference is to keep the roadways open but that is not possible when vehicles a racing by without a care!


My Question is are the Trucking Companies pushing these drivers hard to get the loads their on time. On a time schedule which is nearly impossible to make without speeding or are the drivers speeding to the destination for other reasons. And what about the Logs and Tracking, are the companies unaware drivers to far exceeding the speed limits today. While technology has not caught up to traffic hazards to the point there would be advanced warning of accident scenes. WAZE does have some form of advanced warning. Unsure how many truckers use the Waze app.

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Today on Long Island expressway 2 flatbeds did not slow down and move over 1 sheriff and 1 police cruiser along with everybody else . This is the mentality of the public now.If it doesnt make them money or affect them they dont care. Law enforcement and large fines would make a huge difference.Instead They would rather use motor carrier safety to make

1000 dollars on a burnt out headlight ticket. Unless a large amount of people who are affected by this danger get together and every week cause some sort of ruckus nothing is ever going to change and more people will be injured or killed. My temporary answer has been to close down 2 lanes of highway even for flat tire some police have respected move some have not.When asked why I do this I try to explain how many tow drivers are injured and killed every year most seem to get it.

Kevin's American Towing Service
Ph: 631-654-8811

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