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Another delivery

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Today's misadventure.  This is on a steep one lane road at the top of the mountain.  No snow or ice on the road, just drove straight into the ditch.  They have to be trying to do something  on their cell phones to keep doing stuff like this




See all the trees to work with, one line to bring it back on it's feet, one to drag it back, pretty quick and simply.    Air bags deployed







Two lines and it was out pretty quickly but then I see this.  Broke the ball joint off at the end of the control arm, pulled the axle out of the transmission.  no way to get the wheel lift under it and lift it without doing more damage so I called for the roll back.







Nice little job to round out the day.



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A good friend will bail you out of jail, but a great friend will ...

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Nice work buddy.

I cant Imagine that this guy is still gainfully employed... How in the hell do you just drive into the ditch like that. From what I can see in your pics, The road doesnt look all that bad and you can see his tire tracks on the right side in the snow where he just drove himself right in there.... Idiot... 

But hey, Idiots make us easy money.. LOL



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Not that it really matters but it was a lady driving.  I am also about 99% sure it was the same lady who drove another one into a ditch on one of the first times they called me back in the spring time, that one was also leaning but I got it out and they drove that one away.


The owner was there yesterday, he had driven out from the distribution center and he put her back in a replacement van he brought out to the scene.  He was much more at ease yesterday, the first time I met him at another scene he was hot enough to melt the snow!!  I guess he is realizing that this is going to be part of doing business.  He also said yesterday that these vans are terrible in the snow.  I bet as they replace this fleet they will be looking at something different to replace them with.

A good friend will bail you out of jail, but a great friend will ...

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That's a nice job. We get a lot of these stuck in the weather...they take chances & make poor decisions. 


We had one last year that drove in the woods...literally...like a mile back a ATV trail... We had like $4000 in paid out charges to get it, then they let it sit in storage for a month after being contacted 4 or 5 times...then we fixed it.



Banged up all over the place. Brand new w/ 2300 miles on it. We started the paper work to apply for title but then they finally came.

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