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SQUARE Credit Card Processing


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I use SQUARE, and I have for a long time.  I have had very little problem with SQUARE.  But lately, I have been getting weird messages from them, making reference to people that have contested charges, etc.  Nothing ever came out of those claims.  And the dollar amounts that they made reference to didn't match any transactions that I have processed.  The problem that I have with SQUARE is I can never talk to a person.  I got a message from SQUARE today, contesting something.  So I clicked on a button to get more information.  Then I got a message from Microsoft Outlook, warning me that it is a bad idea to go any further with that site. 


I don't know what's going on with SQUARE.  But it's time to look elsewhere for credit card processing.  I would prefer a similar setup, with a device that plugs into the phone.  Any ideas?  Any suggestions? 



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It does sound like some hack or scam type thing going on. Personally, if all your numbers are right and none of these supposed contested charges are actually being withdrawn from your account, I would start ignoring these messages your getting. By you Opening the links and such that the scammers send you with these messages is how they "unlock" the door so to speak to get into your accounts. I would do a bit of digging to see if there is some way to speak to an actual human from Square. Also, call the bank or financial institution you have your Square linked to and let them know of these weird messages your getting. They may be able to help with ensuring your software security with Square. 

I have been using Intuit Quickbooks program on my tablet with the swipey thingy for a few years now. Its linked right to my bank account and I havent had any issue with it. You can put the app on a phone too. I just preferred the tablet.


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Agreed, sounds like a scam attempt and likely has nothing to do with Square themselves.  Are these coming in an email?  If so it's probably scammers with a fake email hoping to get your Square login info so they can snatch your money.



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