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My Name is Dion, 33 yrs old, and been In towing for Nearly my whole life. We have a family owned business, started by my grandpa over 60 years ago, Now passed on To my parents.  I Remember taking Road trips with my dad, from Wi to Chicago area, to California, and many other places when I was just a kid. Grew up doing little things around the shop, and helping out in other ways. Spent some time in college doing other things, but just wasn't interested in anything else other than cars and trucks. Started Doing light duty towing did that for about a year or so. took call almost every night except when I needed a break, worked my way up to getting a CDL and doing light and heavy stuff. Mainly did sway outs and towed easier stuff, did lots of hauling with our trucks and trailers, and eventually moved on to towing tractor trailers, and other more difficult stuff. Really Love the industry, and trucks, and the people. Looking to learn as much as possible, and keep the business going. Really enjoy the work, Even through all the Crazy Heat, and the Nasty cold, Not to much bothers me, just enjoy what I do. Glad to meet everyone, look forward to leaning new tricks and meeting new people.

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Welcome to the forums Sir. 

I too am a 3rd generation tower, and like you tried some different things to try to get out of it, ( I joined the Army ) But In the end, towing is in the blood. 

Although I complain about it constantly and moan about how I want to sell out and retire, I still to this day deep down inside still love what I do. This is my 28th year.

Enjoy the site Sir. Take a look around.


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