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What happens when you run out of wire rope?

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I observed another company and a couple cops tending to a vehicle that slid off the interstate the other morning in a rural area and it left me wondering. The vehicle flew about 400' off the road and landed on its roof. It was approximately 10' below grade, not quite in a ravine but far enough down where a skid steer couldn't get out if you could even get it in. My question is how do you go about winching a casualty that far from the road? Do the heavy wreckers carry 1000' of wire rope? 

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Well, 400 ft is a long way. I would have to do a little planning to get that accomplished. What I carry daily will reach about 300 ft if needed. I carry (2) 50 ft wire rope extensions and a variety of straps, and 150 ft on the side puller. Would look pretty ugly, but if needed I can get things a long way out. I have had a few that were 200 ft + out into a muddy field, and been able to get them back to the road with what I had on the truck. So in answer to your question, a few wire rope extensions would be needed for most trucks probably. That is what I would do.

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I too carry extra gear for those real long pulls. On top of the 100' on the drum, I carry a 100' of 3/8" synthetic line as well as a vast assortment of slings, straps, chains etc... I have 500' of 3/8"wire rope on a big spool at the shop too that I have used on a couple of big jobs down in the gorges and cliff sides around here. It is a HUGE pain in the A$$ to deal with it so there are "special charges" for deploying it. 


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Our rollbacks run with 75' on the drum and either a 50 or 75 ft extension. Our light duty wreckers run with 150' on the drums and a 50 or 75ft extension. Our heavies run with 200' on the drums.


After that you start getting out recovery straps, continuous loops, chains, whatever it takes. I only recall a few times that we have had to go to such extremes.



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