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3000 Trucks held at UK ferry ports ..... thousands of truckers unable to get home for Christmas....


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All Ports in the UK Heading to France and Europe have been closed to all traffic leaving the UK 


Due to a massive resurgence of Covid 19 in the UK.....France has completely closed their borders and all outbound traffic into Mainland Europe has been stopped.... including all freight ...


over 3000 tractor trailers, rigids and vans which is growing hourly....all parked up or held in on airfields....  the majority with drivers from Mainland Europe ... all ferry ports are gridlocked


numerous trucks are loaded with fresh food and produce,  bound for the Christmas markets and supermarket distribution hubs ....all held up..  


France has just announced they will only allow freight drivers that have had an immediate covid test , that tests negative...  that will take days to set up ...


If this goes on for too long ... a huge amount of food will be going to landfill  and shortages will occur ...


Meanwhile  y'all stay safe and well...







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Update .....24 hrs later    the approximate number of stranded trucks and drivers  waiting for Covid tests before they prove negative to be able to travel  on ferries to mainland Europe is nearing 10,000 ...with 6500 at Dover alone ....

Military personnel drafted in to assist clearing the backlog .... it will take more than a week to clear .....and only then     european freight drivers with a negative test will be allowed to enter ....no UK drivers or citizens permitted at all ...


I have tried to post pics from YouTube  with no success

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Foolishness, surely a much better solution would have been to transport the loads to the other regions of Europe. At that point another driver could have taken that load and the original driver could have been tested and quarantined there. It's not like this can be totally controlled as we have witnessed for 9 months what has happened business with a high rate of survival from this pandemic. This will be a lesson learned for generations to come, that is if the survive the economic impact.

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Ron ....the problem is ...there is huge amounts of foodstuffs imported into the UK daily  by European trucks  ie meat, butter, cheese, oranges, flowers etc ..   they are then reloaded with other types of fresh produce   ie  fish, beetroot, root crops  etc back into Europe...

I understand distribution hubs are refusing some of the products because they have been delayed and no longer fresh enough ....thousands of tons will be going to landfillFB_IMG_1608849111957.jpg.8724ac268cca9adddb8df73baca04b1a.jpg


Thousands of trucks at Manston  air base  20 miles from Dover ....roads to Dover  are gridlocked and the police and military have got involved to create a clear route 

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