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Case Of Mistaken Identity...

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So the other night after our company Christmas party, we got a call to winch out a TT that was turning around in a parking lot. They believed it was empty & it was unclear what he was doing there anyway. Eddie said he was just going to run down with his little truck to take care of it...




Well it turned up the guy had like 35k in the box and wasn't completely in the parking lot anymore either, The steer axle was sunk & rutted in to the grass. This is an "over flow" lot for a local outlet mall and they plowed the entrance but not the entire lot for some reason. No idea what the driver was doing since the DC he was heading to is like 3/4 of a mile up the road. He said he told dispatch that all he needed was a plow truck... I stopped by to give him a hand on my way home...





I didn't want tp try to back him back down the hill & in to the highway because so far he hadn't impressed me with his abilities... He was skeptical if I was correct about him not being in the parking area but the covered concrete curb kind of gave it away...




Once the trailer was swung around & pointing in the right direction, I told him to pull it strait back. Honestly it stalled the winch with a 2 part line so we added a block...




Once it "bobbed" the steer a couple times off the ground, it started to move...





These legs are a "Game Changer" on this truck...the bitch just sits still.




Then we pulled around to the front and slid the steer around & over the curb...




A little driver education on the use of the Power Divider & traction Control inhibit...and he was able to pull out on his own once everything was back in the lot.




Not a particularly difficult job with the right truck...but challenging with the "tools" that we brought.

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Excellent !! I always love showing up with a LD on those types of jobs and Get all the "you cant do anything with that" comments. Then Knock the job out and listen to the sweet sound of people eating their words.. LOL

Sadly Kjband13oc, I feel like guys like Ed, you and myself ( just to name a few, No offense to the others on here ) are becoming a dying breed in this industry. There are way more clowns out there than true professionals anymore.

Great work Mr. Ed, 

My next Chevron will most certainly have the stiff legs. Thats the 408A model? Right??


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On 12/21/2020 at 7:54 AM, EdsTowing said:

These legs are a "Game Changer" on this truck...the bitch just sits still.

Love those legs, they are awesome!!! Have pulled loaded semis with mine too.

George - - Moore's BP
We'll see you on down the road

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Excellent work ....using what you brought ..  that is a very useful machine ....


coupled with old school knowledge and experience,  you can tackle a whole lot of jobs........ many other guys would walk away saying they need bigger or more trucks...


As usual you guys nailed it !!


Stay safe and well out there ...



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