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YouTube: Tow Truck Driver in Youngstown Ohio


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I was going to put this in the YouTube Forum and then I thought about it. Really this is Public Relations and while Tow Truck Drivers are not Emergency Services as the Public Typically think of in these situations there are many fields of employment that respond to such situations. Tow Truck Drivers happen to top the list in the private sector. We all understand where this is drive is coming from but none of us should do this for a pat on the back. The video could have been much different and talked about how he was proud to have assisted someone of was in danger. Instead it makes it seem as though he expected something in return. We all understand where he is coming from, many companies don't show a higher level of appreciate of their employees then their competition does their employee.


This gets into the marketing and that the driver and equipment are your companies image. Owners: Create a higher level of professionalism and it will reflect in your employees attitudes. Drivers: develop a higher level of professionalism and it will reflect on your attitude.



Keep in mind 99 or 100 of these encounters that tow truck drivers experience never make the news. As well as 9 out of 10 are never recognized by the company. It's business as usual and that's fine with me I have dozens of stories that often only I understand their depth.

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First off, I applaud this mans efforts. It was the right thing to do.

I have to agree that a majority of us True, Professional, career tow operators have had a similar incident happen to us through the course of our careers. We spend our lives out and about along the roadways among the people of the world. I too have plenty of these types of stories that I have been involved in. Years back,  I once witnessed a woman passed out behind the wheel traveling down the highway alongside of me and without thinking twice sped up to get in front of her car then slowed to let her car hit my wheel lift and stopped the car before it wandered off the road and crashed. Turns out her 5 year old daughter was in the back seat in a car seat. The woman had suffered a siezure of some sort. I even towed the car to the womans house ( there was minimal damage to her grille and bumper cover )afterwards while she went off in the ambulance. Never charged a dime. Her and her family were very grateful of course, and still send me thank you cards around the anniversary of the incident every year since. This story never made the news. No one other than the people involved really knew anything about it. and I am just fine with that. I dont do this job to be a hero. Just like I didnt join the military to be a hero. It is what it is. You do what you do as a good person. If you require an "atta boy" and all sorts of accolades for doing the right thing, then I suggest you put on a cape and become a super hero character. 

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I had to go back and watch a second time before I wrote this.   "I didn't get nothing"  changes my opinion of this guy. 


The guys does a good deed and then is standing there with his hand out, so to speak.  Sometimes you do what is right, just because it is the right thing to do.   To post this video is disgusting to me

A good friend will bail you out of jail, but a great friend will ...

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